The original Fortnite map can be played again

The original Fortnite map can be played again

24. March 2023 by miranda angeles

We have good news for all those who miss the early days of Fortnite. Thanks to the new Creative 2.0 tool released by Epic Games, the original Fortnite map can be played again.

When Epic Games first showed the Unreal Engine images for the new Fortnite Creative 2.0 tool, no one could believe the incredible quality of visual effects that could be produced within the game. As a result, both Fortnite creators and fans had high expectations placed on the recent tool presented by Epic.

We can say that the fact that players can have the opportunity to become designers and create their maps is a great advantage of the Creative 2.0 tool. Although interesting versions have already been released, all fans look forward to an exact reproduction of the original Fortnite map.

Original Fortnite map

From the launch of Fortnite until now, the game’s battlefield has undergone numerous changes and adjustments. In each season, new things are implemented, and others are removed from the map; the game developers make these changes to keep the game fun and interesting for all users.

Unfortunately, the changes made to the map are so many that you can hardly recognize the original battlefield. Over the years, many structures that have been part of collaborations have been added. In addition, the terrain’s surface has been modified, making it very different from the original.

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Launch of the original map

Many Fortnite users miss this original map, so two groups of creators have announced that they will launch their projects with the game’s original map thanks to the Creative 2.0 tool.

Atlas OG and Reboot Royale are those in charge of developing these projects off the original map; apparently, both groups have early access to the tool.

Now let’s talk about the creators; on the one hand, we have Atlas OG, a corporation associated with Epic Games, and in the past, they have already collaborated. On the other side is Reboot Royale, a project the community has driven.

An important fact that we should highlight is that both groups of creators have created the original map from scratch. To achieve this, they have had to see endless images and videos to know every detail of the map; since Epic Games has not given them access to the game files.

At the moment, the version of the original Atlas OG map is already available. However, it is limited in that only 30 to 40 people can play, but the team aims to increase the capacity. On the other hand, this group of creators has faced many problems, so the version is still imperfect.

The original Reboot Royale map will be released on March 25; all fans of the game hope that the Reboot Royale version will be much more solid.