The number of LoL Arena players will determine its fate

The number of LoL Arena players will determine its fate

26. July 2023 by miranda angeles

According to the information, Riot Games evaluates how many players play LoL Arena. The developers will decide the future of LoL Arena according to how many players play it.

If you are one of the players who love LoL Arena, I recommend you to look for the next League Arena room and start playing since Riot Games is monitoring if players are enjoying the queue for a limited time.

LoL Arena Destination

Since the launch of LoL Arena, players’ opinions have been very divided; some players have loved it, while others don’t like it as much. However, this mode has come to the game to ignite the spark again.

So, if you are one of those players who love LoL Arena and want it to continue, we recommend you start playing it. As we already mentioned, the game developers are closely studying the fate of this game mode. According to studio head Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot Games is keeping a close eye on the situation of this game mode. Moreover, Meddler assured, depending on the data collected, they will decide the future of LoL Arena.

Although Meddler has not revealed any exact level to be exceeded in the new roster, there is no doubt that for LoL Arena to remain active, it must have a significant player base. So, it will be the players themselves who will determine the longevity of the roster. Recall what happened with Siege of the Nexus and Ascension. Two previous LTMs enjoyed early success. However, the number of players dwindled until the developers were forced to cancel them.

With all this in mind, the league president reported that Riot Games needs to see how engagement with Arena evolves before committing to its future.

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The permanence of LoL Arena in the game

Before you start playing hours and hours of LoL Arena, remember that none of this means Riot will eliminate this gladiator mode. The developers are planning how to include it in Wild Rift, plus they have thought of a list of things to improve this game mode. However, for Riot Games, the number of players indicates whether the community likes the development work.

So, if many players enjoy this mode, it may be included in LoL’s permanent queues along with Blind, Draft, and ARAM.

After reading all this, if you want to start playing LoL Arena, we recommend choosing champions like Jax or Taric. Undoubtedly these champions will help you achieve victory more easily.