The next Capcom Showcase already has a date and time

The next Capcom Showcase already has a date and time

6. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Capcom has revealed the date and time of a special event to reveal the games coming after Street Fighter 6. The special event of the Japanese company, Capcom commemorates its 40 years of history with important news.

Details of the upcoming Capcom Showcase

If you love video games, you will be aware of the various events in the coming days packed with news, trailers, and surprises. The most recent company to join this “presentation party” is Capcom, which has scheduled the date and time of its digital event for 36 minutes.

At the Capcom Showcase, the Japanese company will announce its new products after successfully launching the powerful Street Fighter 6 game.

Official statement from Capcom

The Japanese company has invited all video game lovers to tune in to the Capcom Showcase, the digital event where the company reveals all of Capcom’s new products.

In a short special announcement, the company also said they are looking forward to sharing new information with all the company’s fans worldwide about all the studio’s releases and future games.

On the other hand, the date and time of this special event have been announced in the official press release. The Capcom Showcase takes place on June 12 at 15:00 PDT.

Capcom game releases

In Capcom’s official statement, no details of the video games that we can see at the Showcase have been revealed. However, in the statement, the Japanese company stated that some games are unsuitable for children.

One of the candidates to be present at the Capcom Showcase is the expected Dragon’s Dogma 2, which could be seen a couple of days ago at the PlayStation Showcase. On the other hand, another game that may be present at the event is Exoprimal; this game is just a few weeks away from release. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will also likely be present at the event as it is coming out very soon. However, these are only assumptions, as the developer is trying to keep everything under wrap until the event day.

New Resident Evil remakes

A few days ago, Capcom warned of its intention to create future Resident Evil remakes. However, considering the recent release of RE4 Remake, it would be rare to see something related to this horror series. Fans of other Capcom titles are also clamoring for a return; gamers have wanted to see a new installment of the Dino Crisis series for years.

Other Capcom games have been announced for an eternity without a sign of life, beyond remakes or the reunion of old friends. However, this is Pragmata, a game firmly committed to releasing in 2022 when it was first presented three years ago at a major PlayStation event. This mysterious game, which Capcom has confirmed would be delayed until this year, could become the company’s big release in late 2023.