The new version of F1 comes with improvements and a new chapter of Braking Point mode

The new version of F1 comes with improvements and a new chapter of Braking Point mode

4. May 2023 by miranda angeles

We have very good news for all Formula 1 and racing simulation lovers. The new version of the videogame makes its debut in a few weeks. On June 16, all title fans can enjoy all the updates in the game since it will be available on all platforms. But that’s not all. This new version includes a new chapter for the Braking Point mode.

The new version of Formula 1

This new year, the videogame developed by Codemasters and edited by Electronic Arts will have a new release, which will be full of new features. As mentioned, the new version of F1 will be available on June 16. But players who purchase the Champions Edition version can enjoy the game three days earlier. In addition, F1 23 will be playable on the following platforms:

  • PS5, PS4
  • Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One
  • PC

Yesterday the game’s developers showed all the fans for the first time what F1 23 will look like. In the published trailer, it is announced that the Braking Point mode returns to the game.

On the other hand, Electronic Arts, in an official statement, announced that all the teams’ drivers were present in the game. In addition, they have confirmed that the Losail International Circuit, Qatar, and the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be part of the circuits.

On the other hand, the Electronic Arts press release highlights that the game will come with additional improvements compared to last year’s gameplay. So users will have the possibility to play with more predictable behavior. But that’s not all; the new vehicle physics gives cars better traction when braking, cornering, or accelerating.

Braking Point mode returns to F1 23

F1’s story mode, Braking Point, returns to this new version of the game with a new chapter that closely follows the races of drivers Devon Butler and young Aiden Jackson. But in this new chapter, both drivers represent the same team; they will be teammates in Konnersport Racing Team.

This emerging organization hopes to triumph against real-life F1 teams and drivers. But, on the other hand, new characters, races, and rivalries will also be available.

In the press release, Codemasters senior creative director Lee Mather states that with the return of Braking Point, players will be able to experience the racing story more closely. On the other hand, Mather comments that with the new version of the game, you can experience unique racing features.

Now, for all users eagerly awaiting the arrival of F1 23, they only have to wait a few days. Everyone can pre-order the game now, the standard version costs €79.99. At the same time, the Champions Edition version costs € 99.99.