The new Netflix movie could be based on the Call of Duty video game.

The new Netflix movie could be based on the Call of Duty video game.

20. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Recall that almost eight years ago, Activision announced its cinematic universe. At that time, the developer of Call of Duty talked about a possible live-action movie. But, in all these years, no details about the movie have been known.

However, now CoD fans believe the new Netflix movie is based on Warzone.

Warzone could inspire a New Netflix movie

Right now, many CoD fans are claiming that Extraction 2, the new Netflix movie, may be inspired by Warzone. In this new movie, we see Chris Hemsworth, the Thor actor, as he plays Tyler Rake, a black ops mercenary. Tyler Rake must rescue his ex-wife’s sister and her children, who are in the possession of a drug dealer. The movie, released on June 16, also features a lot of action between helicopters and trains and many shootouts and explosions.

On the other hand, the key factor in Extraction 2 that has made CoD fans claim that the game inspires it is that, unlike typical action movies, this one is shown in a first-person perspective. In other words, you can see the world through the eyes of the protagonist; this fact represents a Warzone live-action movie.

CoD Fans Claim Extraction 2 is Based on Warzone

Yesterday, June 19, in a Reddit thread, many CoD fans commented that the new Netflix movie is basically a Warzone 2 movie.

Extraction 2 on Netflix is basically what would happen if they made a game out of warzone 2. 10/10 fun factor.
byu/C4ptainchr0nic inCODWarzone

One fan who commented on the Reddit thread expressed that the entire time he watched the movie, he kept thinking, “This is just live-action CoD.” He also comments that the movie’s creators have made the perfect combination between weapons, character skins POIs, and contracts.

On the other hand, some fans claim that this new movie represents a Warzone 2 game mode, specifically DMZ. In this game mode, you must fight enemies while traveling by train as they chase you with helicopters.

Although Extraction 2 is not an official CoD movie, the game has been talked about before on the big screen. Recall that the developer wants to build a cinematic universe around the franchise. Initially, it had been announced that by 2019 fans could have the first movie; however, this was not the case. Then in 2020, Stefano Sollima announced that it was not a priority for the developer to invest a big budget in a movie.

However, each player can live his movie while disputing a game in DMZ as he struggles to emerge victorious. But don’t expect to meet Hemsworth on the battlefield.