The new music video to celebrate the VCT Pacific championship finals

The new music video to celebrate the VCT Pacific championship finals

29. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Riot Games has released a new music video to celebrate the grand finale of the Pacific VCT championship. The music video features one of the most popular K-pop singers.

VCT Championship Finals

This week the finals of the three most important VALORANT leagues will occur. All finals take place before the start of the Tokyo Masters, which takes place in June.

To end the VALORANT Pacific League, Riot Games has decided to release a music video in collaboration with Minnie from (G)I-DLE. Teams from South, Southeast, and East Asia participate in this league.

The music video to celebrate the end of the Pacific VCT season

A very emotional way to end a great VALORANT season is to create a song and music video. So Riot collaborated with Minnie from (G)I-DEL to create an emotional farewell video for the season.

Recall that Riot Games also created a song to kick off this year’s Pacific VCT season. The song is titled “Making Waves,” which has been played on each of the league’s game broadcasts.

The song was created by Dutch DJ Don Diablo and was released ten days before the start of the Pacific VCT season. Now, to end the season, it couldn’t be any different, and they have released a new music video for the song.

In Making Waves, it features popular K-pop singer Minnie of (G)I-DEL. The music group is famous for unique songs that inspire women to break society’s stereotypes and give them the courage to challenge the norms.

(G)I-DEL’s Minnie’s collaboration with Riot Games is not the first time. Recall that (G)I-DEL’s Minnie, Soyeon, and Miyeon voice Akali and Ahri, the fictional band created by LoL champions.

Making Waves

Recall that the song’s original video is an animation where several characters fight in a large metropolis; the names of the ten teams that are part of the Pacific VCT are marked on the city’s buildings. In addition, the video shows how the characters use elements reminiscent of VALORANT agents.

On the other hand, the song “Making Waves” quickly became the anthem of the Pacific VCT season. In addition, the song’s slogan, “Making Waves,” is everywhere on stage and merchandise products. All VALORANT fans in the Pacific region demonstrated their love for the song and this season’s slogan.

The new video shows Minnie singing this season’s Pacific VCT anthem. Then, finally, she leaves a little message to the league fans saying that the grand finale will be fantastic.