The new line of VALORANT skins that everyone will want to have

The new line of VALORANT skins that everyone will want to have

27. June 2023 by madara s

Riot Games is about to release a new line of skins for VALORANT. The Neo Frontier Skinline is a combination of skins that will soon be available in the shooter, which all players will want in their collection.

The arrival of the new line of skins for VALORANT

The arrival of the new Episode 7: Act 1 of VALORANT is approaching, and with this episode will come many new features to the game. Episode 7 will give way to the debut of Deadlock, the new agent that joins VALORANT, but that will not be the only novelty; the game developers will also launch a new line of skins. Riot Games brings us something new that will not leave any player indifferent. Now, without further ado, let’s talk about all the news of this new line of skins known as Neo Frontier.

Details of the new line of VALORANT skins

The game developers have combined two extremely different times for this new line of skins. As we have already stated above, these new weapon skins are sure to excite everyone.

With Neo Frontier, Riot Games has created the ideal range of weaponry by merging the old West and the neo-future. This has been achieved by utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology. Now, this line of skins will have something for everyone’s taste, so if you don’t like the motifs of some weapons; you can still enjoy the other half of this collection.

Weapons from the new VALORANT skin pack

  • Phantom
  • Axe (melee)
  • Sheriff
  • Marshal
  • Odin

In addition, as with every weapon pack, all players can get their own “Neo Frontier” charms, player cards, or graffiti.

Weapon Levels of the new skin line

As with most of the weapons available in VALORANT, players can obtain different levels to upgrade each weapon in this new collection. In each of the levels, players can add special effects, noise, or other finishing touches to each weapon.

But that’s not all; players can also alter the color of the weapon’s appearance. Players can choose between normal, purple, white/blue, or orange/blue in this new line of skins. These are the levels and advantages of the Neo Frontier weapons:

Level 1

A special custom model in the style of the Old West, bullets, and a custom reticle when using the sight to aim.

Level 2

Custom animation and firing noises

Level 3

A custom modification of the sci-fi model, a new reticle when using the scope, custom animations, visual effects, and sci-fi noises when firing, equipping, reloading, and inspecting.

Level 4

Assassination emblem.