The most-played champions by LoL legends

The most-played champions by LoL legends

26. August 2023 by miranda angeles

After over ten years, the League of Legends ecosystem has advanced thanks to contests and professional leagues. We all know some LoL players, even though new players emerge occasionally and present themselves as the best in their respective regions. Your imagination immediately conjures up players and memories you have of playing with a certain champion.

That is why we will discuss some LoL legends today and which champions have played the most. Let’s go through a list of players currently considered game legends and their most used individual characters in Summoner’s Rift.

LoL Legends and their champions reference

It’s important to note that the players and champions are listed in no order of importance, region, or role within their teams.


Azir – 147

The case of the best LoL player in history is quite intriguing. Anyone who has known the “Demon King” briefly can tell which of his champions he uses the most and assume that it is nothing out of the ordinary. Azir is a champion that has dominated the metagame for a long time. However, those of us following him for a while may be “surprised” by this fact.

Furthermore, the best player in LoL previously had a stand-in on the SK Telecom T1 team exclusively for Azir’s games. Despite not having much success in China, Easyhoon served as Faker’s “golden substitute” for a period of his career. Despite this, Faker proved that he could become a skilled Azir over time. The South Korean midlaner has 147 maps with Azir, 98 wins, and 49 losses.

Azir 0


Braum – 102

One of the legendary pillars of Europe is the “Professor.” The Bulgarian footballer has not stopped inventing unexpected decisions since he first caught the eye of Unicorns of Love and stunned the whole world. Although lately, champions like Pyke, Morgana, or Rakan come to mind when we think of him, the truth is that his most frequent pick is rather more “normal.” He has played more than a hundred maps with this Braum.

braum skin01


Ezreal – (82)

The Chinese shooter is arguably the best in the history of his profession. Ezreal is undoubtedly another of his flagship selections, although many will remember him for champions like Vayne, Sivir, or Lucian. A total of 82 times, out of more than 700 maps played, the Chinese player has chosen Ezreal. He is undoubtedly one of the best Ezreal players in the history of this video game, even though his winning percentage is only 62.2%, which is not impressive at all.


Ezreal – 86

If in China they have Uzi, in Europe we have Rekkles. Although he plays differently, he is our closest shooter profile to the RNG legend. Ezreal is also the most-played champion by the Swedes. However, Sivir is only three maps away from catching him. Tristana, Senna, and Xayah are past examples of Rekkles’ benchmark champions.

Ezreal splash


Ryze – 58

Team Vitality’s midlaner stands out for the “low” number of times he has shown his preference with the highest number of maps. However, it should be remembered that the Croatian played as a shooter for just over a year. Moreover, he is another player who likes to use “out of the ordinary” options. Still, when he plays Summoner’s Rift Smurf, he is one of the classic “pianists.”

Ryze 0 1