The most important streamers that have joined Kick to date

The most important streamers that have joined Kick to date

23. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Kick, the new streaming platform, has made important moves by signing xQc and Amouranth. For the moment, they are Kick’s mainstay streamers.

The field of content creation is currently undergoing constant expansion. While it’s true that the arrival of unproven platforms outside of Twitch and YouTube may be the bursting of a bubble, the reality is that sites like Kick are now competing directly with the red and purple pages.

Although Kick hasn’t been around long and hasn’t yet a viewer base, they are working hard to expand significantly. To do this, they are luring some of the mainstays to their site by offering them multi-million dollar contracts.

Due to the “leak” of xQc’s contract with Kick, we will discuss the major streamers joining the new platform today.

xQc, Kick’s main streamer

If you love soccer, you’re probably sick of watching the world’s best players get million-dollar contracts to play in Saudi Arabia. By doing this, the league expands and gets more visitors and sponsorship money. Kick is trying to follow in the same footsteps and get the best and biggest streamers. Canadian content producer xQc has agreed to a landmark contract with the new content platform, something similar to what Cristiano Ronaldo has done.

xQc has signed the contract with Kick for $100 million. But that’s not all. Along with the staggering sum of money he will receive, there is a “non-exclusivity clause.” As a result, he can perform live simultaneously on Kick and other platforms such as YouTube or Tik Tok. Although it is uncertain, it appears that he could continue to stream on Twitch. xQc’s two-year contract with Kick makes the content creator the highest-paid content creator in history.

Amouranth continues xQc’s legacy

As mentioned above, Kickstands out as a platform with much more lenient restrictions. With this idea, they hope to attract streamers who straddle the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior on Twitch. Amouranth is a high-profile client who formally joined Kick in the last few hours.

Amouranth made his signing public with a video where he walked outside, saw the xQc contract ad, and asked, “Can I have one of those?”. Although we don’t know how much we’re talking about in her case. So while we don’t think she’s equally asking for $100 million, she’s not far off.

One of the first names to change was “Ninja”

Although Brunenger was among the first in the Spanish-speaking community, we can assume that Ninja was one of the main channels to switch to Kick. While we don’t know what contract he will have or how many figures he will have signed, Twitch has recent modifications have influenced his decision to move more.

While it is true that they now seem to have relented and rules such as the 70/30 split for streamers have returned, Twitch will have to fight harder soon to improve its conditions or services if it does not want to experience a streamer migration.