The most expensive CS:GO stickers in history

The most expensive CS:GO stickers in history

17. May 2023 by miranda angeles

With the arrival of the last CS:GO Major held in Paris, the long-awaited stickers of each player participating in the tournament also arrived.

For its part, the community of players of Valve’s game has more than the consolidated market that offers items that not only focus on the characteristics of the weaponry as such.

For CS:GO players, stickers are a really interesting item. Remember that stickers, unlike weapon skins, are always of the highest quality and do not have a wear value. Even so, after applying them, they can be “scratched” and thus give a subtle worn look.

Today we will talk about the five most expensive stickers in CS:GO history.

The most expensive CS:GO stickers in history

Vox Eminor (Holo)

The Oceania organization made it to Katowice thanks to the impressive work of Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill. The team was placed in a tough group with NIP or LDLC despite going 0-2 in the group stage. This sticker has reached a price on the CS:GO market of € 13,000.

Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming is one of the legendary teams in the early years of esports. The quintet featured one of the most well-known players in CS:GO history, Finn “karrigan” Andersen. Karrigan will compete in this year’s latest Major wearing the FaZe Clan jersey. The price of the team’s orange sticker reached over €16,000.

TITAN (Holo)

Well-known players in the scene, such as Ex6TenZ, NBK-, ScreaM, or shox, were part of the Belgian-French team. However, the cheating controversy involving Hovik Tovmassian “KQLY” is one of the reasons why the sticker price exceeded €20,000. In fact, due to his suspension, the group could not participate in the 2014 Winter DH Major.

titan 2


It can be said that the CS highly desires this sticker:GO collector community. The sticker’s popularity is because one of the biggest scandals in CS:GO history was starred by this team. The team was permanently banned from all CS:GO competitions sponsored by Valve due to the issue of player-betting fraud. The sticker reached over €23,000.

Now, with the arrival of CS2, we will have to wait and see how CS:GO antiquing costs are affected. But, in the meantime, game fans are rushing to buy the stickers for the latest CS:GO Major.

Counter Strike Pegatinas 780x470 1

The arrival of CS 2 will mark a turning point.

The release of the new version of Valve’s title has been a topic of conversation in the multiplayer shooter community for the past few weeks and months. The arrival of this new title has made the community of CS:GO players invest many more hours of gameplay in saying goodbye in style to the game with more than ten years of history.

Thanks to that, the prices of items are at one of their best moments. However, it is not known what will happen with the prices of boxes, stickers, skins, etc. What is certain is that the arrival of CS 2 will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for Valve’s title.