The Meteoric Rise of FPS Esports in Asia: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Meteoric Rise of FPS Esports in Asia: A Comprehensive Analysis

27. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In 2023, the Asian esports landscape has witnessed a remarkable shift, with FPS (First-Person Shooter) games surging in popularity.

The region has seen a staggering 200% increase in viewed hours (HW) for FPS esports compared to 2021, coupled with an 180% rise in the number of FPS events since then. This growth marks a significant change in a region historically less engaged in the FPS genre.

Valve and Perfect Group’s Pioneering Move

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Valve, in collaboration with Perfect Group, is set to host the first major Counter-Strike 2 tournament in Asia, specifically in Shanghai, at the end of 2024. This groundbreaking event signifies not just a shift but a substantial expansion in the reach and influence of FPS games in Asia.


Traditional FPS Esports vs. The New Asian Hub

Traditionally, major FPS esports events have been concentrated in North America, Brazil, and Europe. However, recent data from Stream Hatchet reveals an evolving trend, with Asia emerging as a rapidly growing hub for FPS audiences. The global market share of Asian FPS events has jumped from 15.4% to an impressive 21.9%.

The Rise of Co-Streaming in Japan

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The growth is also mirrored in the rise of co-streaming channels in Asia, particularly in Japan. The top 10 co-streaming channels for Asian FPS events are predominantly Japanese, with im_mittiii leading with 3.1 million viewing hours generated in 2023. This reflects an increasingly deep engagement with FPS esports within the region.

Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai: A Landmark Opportunity

The inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai presents a unique opportunity for brands to tap into a burgeoning market, reach new audiences in Asia, and maintain engagement with existing global fans. The worldwide broadcast of the event ensures extensive reach, offering brands a platform to increase awareness among a diverse and expanding esports audience.

Global Impact and Brand Opportunities

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Some co-streamers involved in Asian FPS events are also global creators, allowing brands to reach their current audience while leveraging the expansion into Asian markets. For brands, the Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai represents a chance to be part of a pivotal shift in esports history, reaching new markets and demographics.

Unprecedented Growth in Asia’s FPS Esports Scene

The rise of FPS esports in Asia, highlighted by the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 Major in Shanghai, symbolizes the global appeal of the genre and the changing dynamics of viewer interest.

As excitement builds for the end of 2024, the potential for growth and engagement in the Asian esports market is tangible, setting the stage for what could be one of the most significant events in FPS esports history.