The International 2023: Audience Drop Despite New Changes

The International 2023: Audience Drop Despite New Changes

1. November 2023 by Never

The International 2023, Dota 2’s paramount event, has just wrapped up in Seattle, with Team Spirit claiming their second championship title. Yet, despite the excitement and significant changes introduced to its competitive structure, the audience figures haven’t reached the expected levels.

2023 vs. 2022: Audience Comparison

This year’s International witnessed a decline in viewership compared to its 2022 iteration. According to Esports Charts, the peak viewership for the event was 1.44 million—a drop of 300,000 from the previous year. The average viewership stood at 541,240, which was 20,000 less than the year before, ranking it as the fourth most-watched International. In contrast, The International 10 from 2021 still reigns supreme, having attracted over 2 million viewers.

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Gaimin Gladiators: The Unexpected Stars

Interestingly, the team that caught the most attention wasn’t the champion, Team Spirit, but rather the Gaimin Gladiators. The European organization racked up approximately 2 million hours of watch time throughout the tournament. Furthermore, the primary language for the broadcast was Russian, capturing a peak of 815,000 viewers, followed by English with 457,000.

Highlight Match: Team Spirit vs. Gaimin Gladiators

The most-watched match for this year was the Grand Final clash between Team Spirit and Gaimin Gladiators. Dominating the field, Team Spirit secured a 3-0 victory, reinforcing their championship reputation after their 2021 win. Moreover, their successes didn’t stop there, as Team Spirit also clinched titles at the Riyadh Masters 2023 and the DreamLeague Season 21, making them the most distinguished Dota 2 team of the year.

Prize Pool: A Decreasing Trend?

One notable change was the reduced prize pool for The International 2023. At $3.1 million, it’s significantly less than the previous editions—with 2022 boasting close to $19 million and 2021 offering a staggering $40 million, the latter of which Team Spirit also claimed.

Adapting to Change: The Dynamics Behind The International 2023’s Viewership Shift

While The International 2023 showcased intense battles and memorable moments, it’s evident that certain factors impacted its viewership. Whether it’s the decrease in the prize pool or changes in competitive structure, it’s essential for event organizers to continuously evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of esports. Continuous monitoring of audience preferences and data can pave the way for future successes.