The huge amount of money that CS:GO could have earned with the Anubis Collection

The huge amount of money that CS:GO could have earned with the Anubis Collection

27. April 2023 by miranda angeles

At the moment, very few people are surprised by the amount of money generated by selling skins in CS:GO. However, a few days ago, the most expensive sale in the history of Valve’s shooter was made; we are talking about the AK-47 Case Hardened that was bought for $400k.

After the announcement of CS2, the whole world has seen how big streamers spend tens of thousands of dollars on CS:GO items; consequently, the price of cases, stickers, and skins have skyrocketed.

But there will always be something new that makes a lot of people gasp. The most recent one is the amount of money CS:GO would have made in a single day with the Anubis Collection.

While the gaming community is looking forward to the Counter-Strike 2 beta, the game developers are making the wait much more enjoyable for everyone and have released a new line of skins.

A couple of days ago, Valve released a small update in which the highlight that came to the game was the Anubis Collection. The new collection is composed of 19 skins that are related to the map.

In general, these new skins have not been very well received by the community, and this has been seen in the criticisms and reviews that have been made about the new collection. Few skins have positive reviews; however, one user has done his mathematical homework and calculated how much it generated on its first sales day.

csgo anubis collection

How much money has the new CS:GO skin collection generated on its first sales day?

The Twitter user, TDM_Heyzeus, has made some small calculations to know, more or less, how much money Valve has earned with the new skins. It is important to note that these are not official figures, and all calculations are based on statistics.

The Twitter user analyzed the probability of getting an M4A4 | Eye of Horus is 1/3906. After that, he checked the float.db statistics to check the total amount of this aspect in the game.

With all that information in his hands, the user estimates that 5.5 million cases have been opened. If we multiply that amount by $2, which is the cost of each one, we see that Valve could have made $11 million.

It is impressive to think how much money has been generated with these new skins when they have been on the market for a short time. But let’s remember that these are only approximate figures and contemplate possibilities so that they may be higher or lower depending on the luck of the users. In general, it can be said that CS:GO is still the goose that lays the golden eggs for Valve, even though the Counter-Strike 2 era has not yet begun.