The Gamers8 confirms that CS:GO esports are at a great competitive level

The Gamers8 confirms that CS:GO esports are at a great competitive level

22. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The final of the Gamers8 tournament served as a stage for the big teams to demonstrate their potential. This potential was especially seen in Team Vitality, which confirmed itself as one of the strongest teams. Remember that this team took home the IEM Rio 2023 BLAST Paris Major 2023 trophy and the Gamers8 trophy.

Although ENCE, G2, and Heroic won some trophies, this is Team Vitality’s first trophy in three months. On the other hand, it is important to highlight the great competitive level seen in Gamers8. The semifinal table was composed of these four teams. Undoubtedly, one of the best times of CS:GO in terms of the level of play of all the teams.

CS:GO’s farewell year

In the farewell year of CS:GO, we could see how some teams have established themselves as the best for a while. For example, few teams could hold off FaZe Clan in their march to victory at the Intel Grand Slam in mid-2022. Then we have Heroic, who appeared on the scene late last year. This team consistently reached the grand finals.

Now, starting in 2023, we can see how G2 established an important winning streak in CS:GO LAN tournaments. And finally, we have Vitality, which has not stopped having good results since April.

Currently, we have Vitality, ENCE, Heroic, and G2 at the top, so there is no doubt that these clashes will be worth watching. Each team will want to stay on top and win all the trophies. Now, it can be said that, over the years, squads that consolidate with so many victories are difficult for their performance to deteriorate unless these teams undergo a structural change in the squad.

For example, in this year’s transfer window, many teams wanted to overhaul their squads completely. However, ENCE, Heroic, and G2 stayed true to their players. At the same time, Team Vitality changed by replacing dupreeh with flameZ. But that was only a small move compared to other teams.

However, all teams are looking to consolidate a solid squad before the release of Counter-Strike 2. Without a doubt, having a strong lineup can make all the difference amid the chaos.

Gamers8 tournament results

The peculiar format of the Gamers8 tournament has made it intriguing. In CS:GO tournaments, we usually see very long group stages. However, in this latest tournament, only one direct elimination led to the championship round. Despite having a different format, there were no big surprises at Gamers8. We could see the best reaching the top.

In a few words, we can say that the best four teams showed why they have earned their place. Right now, many squads will be working to dethrone these teams and be able to position themselves among the best.

On the other hand, although not all of the CS:GO community is a fan of the Gamers8 tournament concept, there is no denying that its structure has demonstrated the great competitive level of CS:GO today.