The Rise of “The Finals”: Will It Forge a New Competitive Shooter Scene?

The Rise of “The Finals”: Will It Forge a New Competitive Shooter Scene?

27. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

“The Finals,” Embark Studios’ latest tactical shooter, released on December 7, is emerging as a formidable contender in the esports arena. This game could potentially rival established giants like Valorant and CS2. Let’s dive into the trends that suggest “The Finals” might be more than just another shooter game.

A Strong Entry in the Gaming World

Since its launch, “The Finals” has captivated a significant audience on platforms like Twitch. Its initial performance boasts impressive figures:

  • 7.9 million hours viewed
  • Peak viewership of 93,000
  • Average of 25,000 viewers across platforms

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Steady Growth Post-Launch

  • Daily Average: The game consistently hits around 661,000 hours viewed per day.
  • Increased Streaming: Content creators are increasingly streaming “The Finals,” boosting its visibility.

Community Engagement and Content Creators

The game’s success is partly due to its reception among prominent streamers. Shroud, a former CS and Valorant pro, leads the pack in viewership for “The Finals.” Following him is Aceu, a renowned content creator and former Sentinels pro, adding credibility to the game’s competitive potential.

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Game Awards Launch Impact

  • Chat Mentions: The Finals received around 36,000 chat mentions on Twitch and Kick during its launch, indicating high engagement.
  • Sustained Interest: Post-launch, the game maintained an average of 26,000 chat mentions, showcasing enduring audience interest.

Competitive Gaming Aspects of The Finals

“The Finals” aims to revolutionize matchmaking in competitive gaming:

  • Skill-Based Matchmaking: It focuses on real player skills to ensure fair and challenging matches.
  • High-Rank Matches: The game promises a professional-like experience in high-rank play, pitting the best against the best.

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The Path Ahead: Establishing a Competitive Scene

While “The Finals” had a modest start in the streaming domain, its trajectory points towards rapid growth and a bright future in competitive gaming. The engagement it has garnered from viewers and streamers alike underscores its potential to carve out a new competitive scene.