The Finals: Unintended Bans Among Legitimate Players

The Finals: Unintended Bans Among Legitimate Players

2. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Finals, a game that rapidly garnered 10 million players in just 15 days, has faced an unexpected challenge. Despite its successful launch and streamers creating abundant content, the game’s experience has been marred by cheaters.

The Issue of Misdirected Bans

Embark Studios, the developer behind The Finals, recently implemented a massive ban wave in response to rampant rule-breaking. However, this action, taken just before the end of 2023, inadvertently affected some players who complied with the game’s rules.

Game Launch and Cheating Reports

Launched on December 8, The Finals received praise for its destructible levels and tactical variety. However, widespread cheating reports have somewhat dampened the excitement surrounding its release.

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Public Reactions and Streamer Impact

Journalist Tom Warren highlighted the issue, noting that even Twitch streamers were mistakenly banned. Streamer PRX Jinggg, among others, received notifications indicating a ban for behavior violating the game’s Code of Conduct. Several similar reports emerged on Twitter, sparking widespread discussion.

Proving Innocence: Players Respond

Twitter user Viscose shared a clip from The Finals demonstrating legitimate gameplay, which helped in revoking the ban. This incident indicates that some bans were erroneously issued.

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Challenges in Moderating Mainstream Titles

Managing player behavior becomes increasingly complex as a game gains mainstream popularity. The case of The Finals, with its rapid growth and high content creation, mirrors challenges faced by established companies like Activision Blizzard, who have also implemented mass bans using their Ricochet anti-cheat software.

Navigating The Finals’ Unintended Ban Wave: Challenges and Responses

For games like The Finals, balancing effective anti-cheat measures with fair play is crucial. As the game continues to evolve, refining these systems will be essential to maintain a positive gaming environment for all players.