The controversial conflict between FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien continues

The controversial conflict between FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien continues

2. June 2023 by miranda angeles

FaZe Rain made strong statements about Grace Van Dien joining the FaZe Clan staff several days ago. After those statements, the actress responded to Rain.

However, things did not end there, FaZe yesterday, June 1, stated the discussions between Rain and Grace Van Dien. This resulted in a great deal of hostility from fans and members of the organization.

FaZe Clan states Grace Van Dien’s joining the organization

Yesterday the esports organization expressed their opinion on Twitter backing their new talent acquisition, actress Grace Van Dien, who plays the role of Chrissy in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

This statement from FaZe Clan came after Rain, one of the organization’s content creators posted a video where the two were arguing and Grace Van Dien walked away angry and crying.

FaZe Clan’s statement expresses that it is unacceptable that any of its newest members were assaulted. They state that they support Grace and comment that the actress joined the team to give voice to the organization.

FaZe Rain’s response to that statement was:

“Ratio shut ur dumbass up Cbass.”

This response from Rain has received five times more likes and ten times more retweets than FaZe Clan’s statement, which shows that many fans support Rain in this discussion.

Video published by Rain

On May 31, the video that prompted FaZe Clan to make the statement was released. The video shows how Grace accuses Rain of hurling hatred at her from the moment the organization signed her. As a result, the actress has received death threats from some FaZe fans.

Rain’s fans have attacked Grace after he commented that her signing was due to her role in Stranger Things. Rain strongly criticized the decision of the organization’s management. In the video, the guy comments that Grace has been caught in the crossfire between FaZe Clan and the content creator.

Then the girl tells Rain that he is a terrible person; after saying that, the girl leaves the room. Then she tells Rain to tell Vera that she won’t do any will do this video, and if anything is published, she will leave FaZe.

For its part, FaZe Clan qualified that video as a mistreatment of the girl and offered its support to Grace.

On the other hand, remember that Rain has criticized FaZe Clan’s decisions for some weeks. After the company fired half of the staff and the organization hired NICKMERCS, Rain spoke out against it.