The Biggest Surprises of DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage 1

The Biggest Surprises of DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage 1

1. March 2024 by Never

DreamLeague Season 22’s first Group Stage has concluded, and it brought with it a series of unexpected twists and turns. Here, we delve into the most surprising moments that unfolded during this initial phase of the tournament.

Team Liquid’s Unexpected Exit

Team Liquid, known for its formidable presence in the Dota 2 scene, shocked fans with an unexpected finish. Despite their consistent performance in LAN events, they struggled to make an impact in the online setting of DreamLeague Season 22.

This powerhouse team, often hailed as one of the world’s best, surprisingly bowed out of the tournament in second-last place. This surprising outcome raises questions about their adaptability across different tournament formats.

Aurora’s Rise to Prominence

Aurora, a Southeast Asian team formed from the former lineup of Talon Esports, emerged as an unexpected contender during DreamLeague Season 22. Despite facing setbacks earlier in 2024, including a failure to qualify for ESL One Birmingham,



Aurora defied expectations by delivering a stellar performance in the Group Stage. Their flawless run, marked by victories over prominent teams such as Team Liquid and Team Secret, solidified their position as a team to watch in the upcoming phases of the tournament.

Disappointing Performance by Chinese Teams

The Group Stage of DreamLeague Season 22 also witnessed a disappointing showing from Chinese teams. Azure Ray, a team that previously showcased strong performances, faltered during this phase,

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Failing to secure significant victories. Similarly, G2.iG, making their official tournament debut in 2024, faced challenges and ultimately struggled to leave a mark. These unexpected setbacks highlight the unpredictable nature of competitive Dota 2 and serve as a reminder of the fierce competition present in the esports scene.

Mind_Control’s Controversial Departure

Mind_Control, a veteran TI winner, grabbed headlines with his sudden departure from Tundra Esports. The announcement, made during the Group Stage, sent shockwaves through the Dota 2 community. Mind_Control revealed that he had been “kicked before match” due to captaincy issues,


Sparking speculation and discussion among fans and analysts alike. Tundra Esports later confirmed the player’s indefinite suspension, marking a significant development in the ongoing narrative of the tournament.

Unraveling the Surprises of DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage 1

As DreamLeague Season 22 progresses into its next phase, these unexpected twists and turns serve as a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability inherent in competitive Dota 2. With teams vying for supremacy and navigating through challenges, the journey towards the championship promises to be filled with surprises and intense competition.