The best wireless mouse to play video games for less than €70

The best wireless mouse to play video games for less than €70

1. May 2023 by miranda angeles

When playing video games on the PC, people use various peripherals. As in everything, some are more important than others. However, it all depends on the tastes of each person.

It can be said that some of the peripherals are completely necessary when using the PC for practically everything we want to do. In particular, we are referring to the mouse and keyboard.

Although more and more PC games can be played with a compatible controller, the mouse is mandatory for games such as MOBAs. In addition, many users prefer the mouse when playing FPS titles.

Generally, you can play with any mouse, from the most basic to the most professional. Of course, which mouse each person chooses depends on personal taste and budget.

The best option for those people who want a mouse to play on the PC will always be the gaming mouse. The market has endless options where the features and prices can vary. However, a factor that many people usually consider when buying a mouse is whether it is wired or wireless. Wireless mouse are usually more expensive, but the comfort provided by a wireless mouse is unparalleled.

Therefore, today we bring you a list of the best wireless mouse you can buy for less than € 70.

The best wireless mouse for playing video games for less than € 70

Steelseries Rival 3 Wireless Mouse

To start with the list of cheap wireless mouse, we should mention the Steelseries model. It can be said that this brand has been a benchmark for everything related to gaming. Most people know it for its line of headphones and high-end mouse.

However, today we refer to the Rival 3 Wireless, a mouse with a simple design, including RGB lights in the wheel area. On the other hand, this mouse is designed to be used with batteries. However, it can be connected to the PC via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz.

The manufacturer assures that this mouse has an autonomy of 400 hours and that the switches have a lifespan of up to 60 million keystrokes. Therefore, it can be said that this is a rugged mouse and can be purchased for € 34.99.

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DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed Mouse

The second mouse we include in the list is the DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed, a different mouse from the Razer line. It can be said that this mouse has an ergonomic design that has a dual connection with excellent battery life. This Razer mouse model can run 240 hours if connected via 2.4 GHz and up to 580 hours via Bluetooth.

This mouse is designed to be very durable, as its switches provide up to 60 million clicks, and its 14,000 DPI sensor is quite accurate. But that’s not all; the DeathAdder mouse is an excellent choice as it includes seven programmable buttons. This mouse can be purchased for € 57,00.

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Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse

Corsair enters the list with a rather simple but interesting mouse model. One feature of the Harpoon RGB that makes the design not so elegant is the brand’s iconic lighting. However, it is an excellent choice as it weighs 99 grams and can be dual-connected.

On the other hand, the mouse includes six buttons that can be customized to the user’s taste. The Corsair Harpoon RGB can be had for € 59.99.

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Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless Snow Mouse

With the most eye-catching mouse on this list, we’re back with Steelseries. The Aerox 3 Wireless Snow is a mouse that appeals because it is white and because of its distinctive honeycomb design. Furthermore, it can be said that this mouse is designed so that we notice it in our hands as little as possible, as it has a reduced weight of 68 grams.

However, the reduced weight does not make it a “glass” mouse, as it protects fairly well against water and dust. In this case, it uses an internal battery, which will give us up to 200 hours per charge. It includes a USB-C cable so we can charge it comfortably, and like the others, it also includes dual connectivity. This mouse model is available for € 69,99.

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