The best Mobile Legends heroes to take on Fredrinn

The best Mobile Legends heroes to take on Fredrinn

19. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a wide variety of heroes, each with unique abilities and play styles. One of the challenges players face is finding the perfect hero to take on certain opponents.

This article will discuss the best heroes to take on the formidable Fredrinn, a fearsome foe known for his devastating attacks and remarkable stamina. We will delve into the strategies and skills of X.Borg, Valir, and Thamuz and how they can be used to take down this powerful foe.

X.Borg: the fiery vanguard

X.Borg is a powerful fighter with exceptional durability and damage, making him the ideal hero to take on Fredrinn. His passive ability, X.Borg Armor, grants him a shield that absorbs damage and protects him from crowd control effects. This shield allows X.Borg to resist Fredrinn’s powerful attacks while dealing his damage.

X.Borg’s first ability, flamethrower, this ability deals continuous damage and slows enemies. It can be said that X.Borg’s flamethrower is perfect for harassing Fredrinn and keeping him at bay. His second ability, Fire Stake, allows X.Borg to lunge forward and leave a trail of fire that deals damage over time and slows enemies. This ability can be used to chase Fredrinn or escape from dangerous situations.

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Valir: Infernal Flare

Valir is a powerful mage with exceptional range and crowd control abilities, making him a valuable asset in the fight against Fredrinn. His passive ability, Arcane Flame, enhances his abilities with additional effects, such as increased damage and duration of crowd control.

Valir’s first ability, Fireball Burst, launches a fireball that deals damage and slows enemies. When boosted with Arcane Flame, the fireball explodes on impact, dealing bonus damage and stunning enemies. This ability is perfect for poking Fredrinn from a safe distance and causing kills for your team.

Finally, Valir’s ultimate ability, Hellfire, summons a rain of fireballs that deal heavy damage and slow enemies. This ability is perfect for finishing Fredrinn or turning the battle in your favor.


Thamuz: The demonic brute

Thamuz is a versatile fighter with exceptional stamina and damage, making him a formidable opponent against Fredrinn. His passive ability, Great Lava Lord, enhances his basic attacks with additional damage and healing, allowing him to trade blows with Fredrinn and emerge victorious.

Thamuz’s first ability, Lethal Scythes, launches his scythes forward, dealing damage and slowing enemies. When the scythes return, Thamuz heals a portion of the damage inflicted. This ability is perfect for poking Fredrinn and sustaining you during prolonged fights.

Meanwhile, Thamuz’s ultimate ability, Cauterizing Inferno, boosts his basic attacks and movement speed while leaving a trail of fire that deals damage over time. This ability is perfect for chasing Fredrinn or dealing massive damage during team fights.

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Without a doubt, facing Fredrinn can be a daunting task, but with the right heroes and strategies, victory is within reach.