The Arrival of the Bird Samurai in Dota 2?

The Arrival of the Bird Samurai in Dota 2?

25. April 2024 by Never

Valve’s recent lore-rich event, Crownfall, has stirred up excitement among Dota 2 players, hinting at intriguing surprises to come in Acts II to IV. One of the most anticipated reveals is the potential introduction of a new hero—Bird Samurai.

The Bird Samurai Speculation

Dataminers and Reddit communities have been abuzz with speculation surrounding the Bird Samurai long before the release of Muerta and Primal Beast. This mysterious hero first appeared in datamined information, accompanied by abilities and even linked to an unreleased Dota 2 item named “Samurai Tabi.”

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Clues and Hints

Various unreleased hero voicelines further fuel the speculation, including references like Hoodwink’s “What’s the good word from the Crow’s Nest?” and Vengeful Spirit’s ominous “Now the worms eat you.” Moreover, in Dota 2’s official graphics, a [CENSORED] placeholder appears between Beastmaster and Bloodseeker—likely a spot reserved for the Bird Samurai.

Bird Samurai’s Abilities

Datamining in early 2023 revealed potential abilities of the Bird Samurai, with placeholder icons for “Avian Assault,” “Plumage Parry,” and “Shadow Feather.” These abilities suggest a hero emphasizing agility and movement advantages, possibly incorporating dashing or sprinting mechanics.


Timeline Expectations

Valve’s timeline for the Crownfall saga suggests that if the Bird Samurai is indeed arriving, it could debut in one of the upcoming Acts:

  • Act 2: May 14 – June 11
  • Act 3: June 11 – July 9
  • Act 4: July 9 – August 6

Anticipation Builds for Dota 2’s Bird Samurai: Crownfall Event and Beyond

As the Crownfall event unfolds and Valve teases further developments, the anticipation for the Bird Samurai’s arrival continues to grow. With a unique theme and speculated abilities, this new hero could bring exciting gameplay dynamics to the Dota 2 universe.