Th3Antonio Achieves Dream: Joins LEC with GIANTX

Th3Antonio Achieves Dream: Joins LEC with GIANTX

24. April 2024 by Never

Th3Antonio, the Catalan toplaner, has finally realized his dream of competing in the prestigious League of Legends European Championship (LEC) with GIANTX, marking a significant milestone in his professional career.

A Story of Persistence and Determination

Th3Antonio, also known as the “peluquilla,” has been a mainstay in the Spanish League of Legends scene for almost a decade, representing GIANTS since 2017 (formerly PainGaming). Throughout his career, he has remained loyal to the organization, even during challenging times when he faced criticism and fell to the substitutes’ bench.

Despite witnessing several fellow Spanish players ascend to the LEC before him, Th3Antonio persevered, determined to achieve his goal of competing at the highest level of European League of Legends.

Fulfilling a Long-Awaited Dream

Today marks the end of an arduous journey for Th3Antonio as he finally secures his spot in the LEC with GIANTX at the age of 25. His dedication and resilience have paid off, culminating in the realization of his professional aspirations.

Th3Antonio’s Promotion Signals a Shift in GIANTX’s Strategy for the LEC

The decision to promote Th3Antonio to the LEC roster comes amidst GIANTX’s struggles in previous splits, leading to a series of roster adjustments.

With Th3Antonio’s inclusion, along with other Spanish players across various teams, the upcoming split will witness a record-breaking eight Spanish players competing in the LEC, highlighting the growing presence of Spanish talent in the European League of Legends scene.