Tfue announces he is taking a break from streaming

Tfue announces he is taking a break from streaming

26. June 2023 by madara s

Turner “Tfue” Tenney recently announced he would take an indefinite streaming break. In tears, The content creator assured me he feels trapped in that life.

Tfue takes a break from streaming

After staying in the shadows for a few months, the former professional Fortnite player and streamer reappears to say goodbye to his fans. In a very emotional way, Tfue announces that he is retiring from the world of streaming for a while.

Recall that Tfue has been one of the most popular Fortnite players and content creators in the history of Epic Games’ popular battle royale game. But that’s not all; Tfue has also positioned himself among the best Twitch streamers thanks to his significant fan base.

For his part, Tfue is a content creator with many years of career; however, the streamer managed to catapult to fame at the end of 2017 thanks to his explosive Fortnite content.

However, Tfue has months without being so active on his social networks; the last Instagram posts and Twitch streams are from April. The fact that Tfue has not appeared publicly for almost two months has worried his fans, and many are asking him what is happening.

Now, Tfue, to answer his fans, has reappeared on social networks with a video where he explains the reason for his disappearance in recent months; in addition, he comments on his plans for the future of his work.

Tfue’s video to announce a break

Tfue’s video was posted on June 20 on YouTube and is titled with a simple “Goodbye.” It is an emotional video where he explains to his fans that he feels trapped in his work as a streamer.

Tfue’s video is almost 40 minutes long, and we can see how the former Fortnite player cries as he goes through his career as a video game professional and content creator. Then, Tfue admits that he feels trapped and overwhelmed with his job.

On the other hand, Tfue comments that he needs to go live his life and asks himself, ” Who knows if I will return to the streaming world? Then, Tfue comments that no one knows the answer to that question and states that maybe he needs time to live his real life and get away from his work.

In this video, Tfue comments that he usually used to play games to escape from his reality, but right now he feels that he uses reality to escape from his work. Tfue adds in his video that he often feels trapped. Working six to eight hours a day is exhausting and challenging and doesn’t allow him to do anything else.

Finally, in the video, Tfue comments that he will take a break and a period of solitude; he states that he is only 25 years old and has spent most of his life looking at screens.

After Tfue’s emotional video, his entire community of fans and other content creators sent him messages supporting his decision.