TFT Tips: Everything You Need to Know About the New Artifacts

TFT Tips: Everything You Need to Know About the New Artifacts

11. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Welcome to this week’s TFT Tip Tuesday, where we delve into the new artifacts added in Patch 14.9 and how to strategically choose the best options for your success in Teamfight Tactics.

Exploring the New Artifacts

In Patch 14.9, nineteen exciting artifacts were introduced to TFT, offering unique effects and strategies. While Cursed Blade remains disabled due to unforeseen interactions, these new artifacts present diverse opportunities for players to optimize their itemization.

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Let’s break down some of the standout artifacts and their optimal users:

1. Fishbones

  • Effect: +30% Attack Speed, +30% Attack Damage
  • Special Ability: Doubles attack range and targets a random enemy with each attack.
  • Best Users: Ashe, Tristana

2. Forbidden Idol

  • Effect: +200 HP, +25 Armor, +25 Magic Resistance
  • Special Ability: Shields convert 50% of their value into max health.
  • Best Users: Cho’Gath, Rakan, Tahm Kench

3. Horizon Focus

  • Effect: +250 HP, +25 Ability Power, +15 Mana
  • Special Ability: Stunning an enemy triggers lightning, dealing additional damage.
  • Best Users: Lissandra, Lux, Nautilus, Udyr, Volibear

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4. Innervating Locket

  • Effect: +150 HP, +15 Mana
  • Special Ability: Gain mana when hit, and spells restore health over time.
  • Best Users: Annie, Galio, Ornn, Sylas

5. Lich Bane

  • Effect: +30 Ability Power, +15 Mana
  • Special Ability: First attack after a spell deals bonus magic damage.
  • Best Users: Kindred, Hwei, Sylas, Teemo

6. Lightshield Crest

  • Effect: +40 Armor, +40 Magic Resistance
  • Special Ability: Shields allies based on the holder’s defensive stats.
  • Best Users: Galio, Nautilus, Ornn, Thresh

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7. Wit’s End

  • Effect: +30% Attack Speed, +30 Magic Resistance
  • Special Ability: Bonus magic damage and healing based on magic damage dealt.
  • Best Users: Bard, Sylas

These artifacts cater to specific playstyles and team compositions, offering flexibility and strategic depth in itemization.

Using Stats to Optimize Artifact Selection

Utilizing resources like can provide invaluable insights into artifact performance:

  1. General Artifact Strength:
    • Use the “Stats” dropdown menu to analyze artifact rankings.
    • Filter by “GM+” and Ornn to identify top-performing artifacts in the meta.
  2. Artifact Explorer Tool:
    • Investigate artifact performance on specific units.
    • Refine results by rank and explore user-specific delta values.

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Mastering the use of artifacts is crucial for achieving success in TFT. By leveraging stat-based insights and understanding artifact functionalities, you can optimize your item choices and elevate your gameplay. Stay tuned for more TFT tips and strategies in future editions of TFT Tip Tuesday!