Mastering TFT Set 3.5: Top Compositions

Mastering TFT Set 3.5: Top Compositions

26. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

1. Rebels: Patience and Power

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Key to Success: Jinx and Aurelion Sol

In this composition, patience is key. Your goal is to level up to 8 to secure a 2-star Jinx, who will serve as your primary AD Carry. Pair her with Aurelion Sol as your AP Carry. This duo forms a powerful force capable of dominating the battlefield.

Gangplank and New Items

Gangplank in the frontline greatly benefits from new items such as the Adaptable Helm and Queen’s Crown. These enhancements add an extra dimension to his gameplay, making him a vital element in your lineup.

Economy with Space Pirate

The Space Pirate trait allows you to efficiently generate resources, strengthening your economy and adaptability in the game.

2. MECHA: Infiltration and Domination

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Shaco and Viktor: A Lethal Combination

In this composition, Shaco is your main AD carry, specializing in infiltrating behind enemy lines. Viktor, on the other hand, provides significant AP damage, complementing Shaco perfectly.

Rumble: The Ultimate Mech Pilot

Rumble, with a mixed tank and damage build, becomes the ultimate Mech Pilot once he reaches three stars. This combination of abilities makes him a versatile and resilient champion.

Slow Roll and Invincible Team

Focusing on “Slow Roll” at levels 7 and 8, this composition becomes an unbeatable force with an excellent frontline and impressive mixed damage.

3. Master Yi: Cost 3 Carry

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Pure Power of Master Yi

With Master Yi as a cost 3 carry and elevated to 3 stars, his ability to defeat enemies is unparalleled. His damage potential makes him a constant threat on the field.

Shen and Zed: Early Game Fortitude

The tankiness of Shen and the damage from Zed provide a solid early game, establishing a strong foundation for your strategy.

Reinforcements: Irelia and Thresh

Upon reaching level 8, incorporating Irelia and Thresh into your team strengthens your composition, preparing you to face late-game strategies confidently.

Dominate TFT Set 3.5 with These Powerful Compositions

TFT Set 3.5: “Return to the Stars” offers a unique opportunity to experiment with legendary compositions. The key is adaptability and knowing when and how to implement these powerful strategies. Prepare for battle and may the best strategy win!