TFT’s Set 3.5: A Nostalgic Return to the Galaxies

TFT’s Set 3.5: A Nostalgic Return to the Galaxies

25. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) continues to evolve and with the release of patch 14.02, players are transported back in time with the much-awaited return of Set 3.5: “Return to the Stars”. This mid-set event, starting January 24, is a part of the Lunar Festival and promises to rekindle nostalgia while offering a chance to re-explore tactics that defined an era in TFT.

Reliving the Galactic Adventure

Set 3, known as “Galaxies”, was a hallmark in TFT’s history, introducing unique mechanics and a diverse champion pool that captivated players. “Return to the Stars” invites players to dive back into this cosmic odyssey, blending epic challenges with unforgettable team compositions.

TFT Set 3.5 Set Revival

What’s New in Set 3.5?

Riot Games has meticulously fine-tuned the balance and gameplay, ensuring that both returning and new players can enjoy a fresh and thrilling experience. This revival isn’t just about reliving the past; it’s about discovering new strategies and compositions that could redefine how the galaxy is conquered.

Festival Lunar: A Timeless Tradition in TFT

Last year’s Lunar Festival introduced the first-ever temporary game mode for TFT, setting a precedent for innovation and freshness in the game. The return of Set 3.5 during this year’s festival continues this tradition, offering both a trip down memory lane and a fresh battleground for strategic dominance.

tft set 3 5 battle

Journey Back to the Stars with TFT’s Latest Event

Prepare your boards, fine-tune your strategies, and let the stars guide you as you delve into TFT’s latest update. Whether you’re a veteran looking to revisit cherished memories or a newcomer eager to explore the galaxies, Set 3.5 promises a celestial journey filled with strategic depth and cosmic wonder.