Teamfight Tactics 14.10B Patch: Inkborn Fables Champions Nerfed

Teamfight Tactics 14.10B Patch: Inkborn Fables Champions Nerfed

18. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has swiftly rolled out a Teamfight Tactics (TFT) 14.10B patch for Set 11 on May 16, aimed at balancing the dominance of champions from the Inkborn Fables set, including Lillia, Ornn, and Syndra.

Scheduled Balancing for Inkborn Fables Meta

The 14.10B patch is a responsive measure to address the overwhelming presence of certain champions in the TFT Set 11 meta, particularly as the second round of Inkborn Fables Tactician Trials and Tactician Cup tournament approaches.

TFT Set 11 Lillia

Set to be implemented on live servers at 4pm CT, this hotfix update targets champions that have been exerting excessive influence over the meta.

Additionally, the TFT balance team has bolstered the Trickshot trait following the nerf of Kai’Sa, which disrupted the Sand A-tier meta. Here’s a breakdown of every balance change introduced in the Set 11 Inkborn Fables 14.10B patch:

  • Lillia: The damage of Lillia’s small orbs has been reduced from 120/180/600 to 110/165/600 percent ability power.
  • Ornn: Mana has been slightly nerfed from 80/120 to 80/130.
  • Syndra: The starting butterfly count has been reduced from eight to seven.
  • Trickshot: Damage has been slightly buffed from 40/50 to 40/55 percent.

Indirect Buffs and Reverted Nerfs

An indirect buff was conferred upon Lillia through Patch 14.10, which redirected her three smaller orb casts to target the three closest enemies in a line, maximizing her impact on multiple enemies. This change propelled Lillia to S-tier status, with the champion becoming highly contested in nearly every lobby.

Ornn 1024x576 1

According to Riot, this adjustment significantly boosted Lillia’s effective damage output, surpassing the intended balance. While the selective targeting adds strategic depth, Riot aims to mitigate her consistent damage output, especially at two-stars, to prevent her from consistently eliminating backliners.

The nerf to Syndra is a reversal of a previous buff implemented in Patch 14.9, which aimed to address her escalating damage output. Additionally, the nerf to Ornn complements the adjustments made to Syndra, as Ornn’s casts provided Syndra with additional time to ramp up her damage output.

Implementation Details

All TFT Set 11 balance changes introduced in the 14.10B patch will be implemented on live servers on May 16 at approximately 4pm CT.

TFT Patch 14.10: Comprehensive Changes and Updates

Final Toughts

Given the impact of these balance changes, TFT players should adapt their strategies accordingly to navigate the evolving meta landscape. Stay tuned for further updates and adjustments as Riot continues to fine-tune the game’s balance.