Top Compositions in TFT Set 10 | Current Patch: 14.3

Top Compositions in TFT Set 10 | Current Patch: 14.3

9. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Discover the dominant forces in Teamfight Tactics following the release of Set 10. Currently, we’re in Patch 14.3, but this guide will be updated with new compositions as the meta evolves.

Zed Carry with Crowd Divers

Dominating the 14.3 Meta

Zed carry Crowd Divers 1764733517 1202119 1024x444

  • Composition Strength: The popularity of this composition is soaring due to nerfs to other comps and the strong performance of Zed and Zac.
  • Strategy: Focus on assembling 6 Crowd Divers and equip Zed with priority items.
  • Rotation: Aim to level up to 8 and rotate with Katarina or Yone as needed.

Riven Carry with Edgelords

Riven’s Continued Dominance

Riven carry Edgelords 1756034385 1196371 1024x446

  • Key Champion: Riven remains a powerhouse. Look for her as a ‘chosen’ in phase 7.
  • Essential Items: Equip Riven with Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, and Titanic Hydra.
  • Composition Options: Rotate between 4-6 8-bit or aim for Edgelords.

Pentakill with Mordekaiser Headliner

Rising to Power in Patch 14.3

Pentakill Mordekaiser headliner 1756034386 1196391 1024x486

  • OP Mordekaiser: A chosen Mordekaiser is incredibly strong, serving as both a primary tank and carry.
  • Supporting Cast: Round out the team with Karthus and aim for 5 Pentakill + 2 Executioners.

Urgot + Samira with Country

Country’s Continued Strength

Twin Terror Vex carry 1763533634 1201153 1024x576

  • Dual Carries: Samira and Urgot are your main carries in this composition.
  • Strategic Play: Focus on acquiring many three-star champions while staying at level 7 for slow rolling.

Twin Terror with Vex Carry

New Meta Contender

Urgot Samira Country 1756034387 1196411 1024x486

  • Twin Terror Buff: The recent changes to Twin Terror, focusing on health over critical strike, have benefited a Vex + Amumu-centric comp.
  • Additional Picks: Complete the composition with Punks like Pantheon and Twitch, synergizing well with Vex and Amumu.

Top 5 TFT Set 10 Compositions to Dominate Patch 14.3

These compositions represent the current cream of the crop in TFT’s dynamic Set 10. However, always be adaptable and ready to pivot based on the game’s flow and your opponents’ strategies. Stay tuned for updates as the meta evolves with future patches.