TFT Set 10: Unveiling the Rumble Remix Phenomenon

TFT Set 10: Unveiling the Rumble Remix Phenomenon

7. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

As the dust settles from the Runeterra Reforged Championship, a new battle begins to brew. TFT Set 10, dubbed “Rumble Remix,” invites the illustrious bands of League of Legends lore to the hexagon battlefield. Eager tacticians can dive into the Rumble Remix when it hits the PBE on November 7, PM PT.

No Spoilers Preview: A Glimpse into Set 10

Without spilling secrets on unit abilities, let’s delve into the rhythm of Rumble Remix, guided by the TFT development team’s Development Drop and Set Introduction videos.

Current Bands as TFT Traits


  • Risky Economic Gameplay: This trait encourages a daring economy strategy beyond the early game, with a lineup featuring Aphelios, Ezreal, and others.


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  • Bonus Stats Through Positioning: K/DA members like Ahri and Akali amp up the game with stat bonuses for tactical positioning.


  • Damage Buffs from Kill Streaks: Achieving a pentakill not only boosts morale but stat bonuses, showcasing champions like Kayle and Mordekaiser.

True Damage

  • “Bling” Bonuses with Items: Outfit these champions with items and watch them shine, featuring Akali and Yasuo.

TFT’s Exclusive Bands


  • Reroll Punk Band: This group, including Jinx and Vi, harmonizes with reroll strategies.


  • Emo Band Spellcast Boosts: Members like Annie enhance their spellcasting as they witness their teammates fall.

Country Stars

  • Summoning Country: Lose health, and Hecarim joins the fray, echoing the “Summon” trait of past sets.


  • Healing Disco Ball: Dance to the tune of healing with Blitzcrank and Nami, thanks to a disco ball that also boosts attack speed.


  • Jazz Trio Tactics: Led by Bard, this trio syncs up with unique jazz-infused strategies.


  • Electrifying Music Duo: Lulu and Ziggs bring explosive energy to the table.

High Score

  • 8-Bit Power-Up Band: Level up with Caitlyn and Corki as the game rolls on.


  • EDM Power Group: Jax and Lux lead a group that promises to electrify the battlefield.

New Class Acts

headliners tft 1024x576 1


  • Adapt with DJ Sona: Fine-tune your battle tactics by selecting the perfect track to address your team’s needs.


  • Boost Your Headliner: Radiant items take your Headliner’s performance to a superstar level.

Legendary Units with a Beat


  • Illbeats Trait: Her spirit tentacles keep the enemy in check with every beat of her drum.


  • Maestro Trait: Summons rifles that join the symphony of destruction in tune with his conducting.

Keep an Eye in the Updates!

With TFT Set 10: Rumble Remix, the stage is set for a symphonic clash of tactics and melodies. Keep an eye on the PBE this November 7th and be one of the first to experience the harmony of chaos in TFT’s latest ensemble.