TFT: Significant Transformations with the New Patch

TFT: Significant Transformations with the New Patch

13. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The TFT universe braces for a revolution: changes and balances from the new patch will completely overhaul strategies and the metagame.

Goodbye to the Muddy Water Meta

There’s no doubt, the era of summoners and Muddy Water has ended. The adjustment many had been awaiting has finally arrived to balance the board and pave the way for innovative strategies and compositions that promise to revolutionize the rankings.

New Aesthetic Features

Team Planning and roll lists are reinvented. Adaptability will be key: plan your composition and activate it in time for your selected champions to stand out in the shop.

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Critical Balances

Muddy Water: Its power curve is adjusted, focusing on the cannonball’s fixed damage, especially for teams with a low percentage of stored inflicted damage.

Multilaunchers: These will receive adjustments in their traits and certain champions, aiming for a more consistent power activation and diversifying their potential in combinations with other compositions like Demacia, Muddy Water, and Sorcerers.

Ionia Emblem: Its strength is moderated, reducing some of its Attack Speed.

Shurima and Azir: Both receive necessary improvements to reaffirm their presence on the board, especially with high-level strategists.

Zaun: The supercharged version of each chem-mod is enhanced, making the Zaun 4 and 6 variations more appealing to players.

Trait Improvements

Significant improvements are introduced in Adrenaline Discharge (Colossus), Defensive Displacement (Challenger), Total Domination (Noxus), and Perfected Replay (Multilauncher). The latter, in particular, will ensure that the Multilaunchers maintain their power limit despite recent modifications.

Changes to individual units:

Level 1: Nerf to Cho’Gath and buff to Orianna.

Level 2: Improvements for Taliyah and an adjustment to Sett.

Level 3: Changes in Darius, Nautilus, and Sona.

Level 4: Buff to Aphelios and adjustment in Fiora.

Level 5: Aatrox and Gangplank have received changes to be more viable as carries, while Heimerdinger has received an adjustment in one of his abilities.

TFT esports

With these changes, the stage for upcoming tournaments looks uncertain and thrilling. Strategists will have the task of adapting and experimenting with new compositions to dominate the contest. The upcoming in-person world championship promises to be a spectacle of innovation and skill.