TFT Patch 14.9B: Best Compositions for Set 11 of Teamfight Tactics

TFT Patch 14.9B: Best Compositions for Set 11 of Teamfight Tactics

12. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The eagerly awaited Set 11 of Teamfight Tactics has arrived, introducing a plethora of new synergies, champions, and classes. To navigate these updates and climb the ranks in competitive play, it’s essential to explore the top compositions for Patch 14.9B.

Here are some of the standout compositions to kickstart your journey in Set 11 (Patch 14.9B) and delve into the evolving meta.

Yone and Alune Carries with Umbral

Yone Alune carrys Umbral 1791430864 1225796 1024x479

Yone remains a top-tier melee/assassin at three stars, especially with the recent buffs to Alune and Umbral. Achieving threestar status for both Yone and Alune requires strategic slowrolling at level 7.

Kindred and Gnar Carry with Verdants

Kindred Gnar carry Driades 1785431442 1220446 1024x459

Gnar has emerged as a key champion in Patch 14.8, synergizing effectively with Kindred in a Verdant composition—one AP carry and one AD carry. Strengthen this composition with four Verdants, alongside Ornn and Thresh, to create a formidable front line.

Syndra Carry with Fated and Arcanists

Syndra carry Fated Arcanistas 1791430863 1225776 1024x529

The buffs to Syndra have elevated her as the top Arcanist and one of the best 4-cost mages. Swiftly reach levels 7/8 by rotating through Arcanists and prioritize leveling Syndra to at least level 2. This composition is accessible from the early game with several Fated units, then transition to include 2 Arcanists and 4 Verdants.

Irelia Carry with Dragonlords and Duelists

Irelia carry Dragonlords duelistas 1785431444 1220484 1024x576


Although Irelia isn’t among the best legendaries, the 4 Dragonlords variant with her as the carry is intriguing. Aim for level 9 and seek out legendary units, making this composition viable if you have a strong early game.

Kai’Sa Dragonlord

KaiSa Dragonlord 1785431445 1220506 1024x460

Kai’Sa currently reigns as the top unit in Patch 14.8 and the best epic champion in the game. Exploit her boundless power by swiftly reaching levels 8/9 and assembling a composition with Kai’Sa, Xayah, Udyr, Lee Sin, Janna, and Ornn.

Final Toughts

Embrace these powerful compositions in Set 11 to dominate the Teamfight Tactics meta. Explore diverse strategies and synergies to adapt to evolving gameplay dynamics and secure victory in competitive play.

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