TFT Patch 14.8: Massive Buffs to All Epic Units in the Game

TFT Patch 14.8: Massive Buffs to All Epic Units in the Game

15. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated TFT Patch 14.8 is set to revolutionize the Teamfight Tactics meta with a comprehensive overhaul of epic champions. In response to player feedback and meta analysis, Riot Games is implementing significant changes and modifications aimed at enhancing gameplay diversity and balance.

Current Meta Overview

Patch 14.7 witnessed the emergence of dominant strategies centered around certain compositions, particularly emphasizing the prowess of 3-cost champions like Yone, Volibear, Bard, and Tristana.

However, Riot Mortdog and the development team have identified the need for a meta shake-up to address this imbalance and foster a more dynamic gameplay experience.


Anticipated Changes

In response to community feedback and internal data analysis, Riot Games has outlined a series of buffs and nerfs, primarily focusing on 4-cost champions. The key changes include:

System Changes:

  • Increased player damage by 2 in the 2-1 phase.
  • Adjusted champion appearance rates at level 7 to 20/33/26/10/1%.
  • Reduced gold from the Morgana Encounter from 10g to 7g.

Class and Synergy Adjustments

  • Dragonlord: True damage adjusted to 5/10/10/15%.
  • Exalted: Base damage increased from 4% to 5%, and bonus damage per level adjusted to 1/3%.
  • Fated: Sett’s omnivamp reduced to 12%, Syndra’s bonus damage increased to 11%.
  • Fortuna: Player healing with 5 Fortuna reduced to 2.
  • Heavenly: Unit stat bonus adjusted to 100/115/135/165/200/225%.
  • Storyweaver: Kayle’s damage per hit and ability damage adjusted.
  • Inkshadow: Various adjustments to tattoo abilities.
  • Porcelain: Attack speed and damage reduction adjustments.
  • Umbra: Execution threshold adjusted.

Elderwood Wukong Final

Champion Changes

  • Cost 1: Garen’s shield strength increased.
  • Cost 2: Various adjustments to Riven, Zyra, Gnar, Senna, Qiyana, and Teemo.
  • Cost 3: Changes to Alune, Volibear, and Yone.
  • Cost 4: Significant buffs to Annie, Ashe, Galio, Kayn, Kai’Sa, Lillia, Lee Sin, Morgana, Ornn, Syndra, Nautilus, and Sylas.
  • Cost 5: Adjustments to Azir, Irelia, Rakan, Xayah, Hwei, Lissandra, Sett, and Udyr.

Item Changes

  • Giant Slayer: Increased activation threshold.
  • Titan Resolve: Reduced AP conversion.


With the impending release of Patch 14.8, the TFT community can expect a dynamic shift in the meta landscape. These comprehensive changes to epic champions and synergies aim to promote diversity and strategic depth within Teamfight Tactics, providing players with new opportunities to explore and innovate their gameplay strategies.

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