TFT Patch 14.3: Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Changes

TFT Patch 14.3: Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Changes

7. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) rolls out patch 14.3 with a series of careful adjustments, especially considering the proximity of the last qualifying tournaments. This patch brings changes to both set 10 and 3.5 Reborn, enhancing the gaming experience. Let’s delve into the specifics of this update.

Loot Distribution System

  • Equal Loot for All: Every player now receives the same number of items in each phase, ensuring a balanced playing field.

Soloist Rules

  • Bug Fix: A bug allowing the Soloist attribute to appear multiple times before the shop changed four times has been fixed.

empyrean zed


Attribute Changes in Patch 14.3


  • Heart Accumulation: Hearts per kill in phases 5 and 6 reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Heart Multiplier: Adjusted to x1/2.25/5.5/18 from x1/2.25/5.5/10.


  • Attack Damage: Reduced to 18/30/42% from 18/30/45%.
  • Health: Adjusted to 180/300/420 from 180/300/450.


  • Critical Hit Chance: Now up to 25/80/160% from 25/100/200%.


  • Ability Power: Increased to 0/0/20% from 0/0/10%.


Unit Changes in Patch 14.3

Tier 1 Units

  • Olaf: Healing ability reduced to 20/25/30% from 20/25/35%.

Tier 2 Units

  • Senna: Ability damage increased.
  • Garen: Health gain enhanced.
  • Jax: Strike damage increased.

Tier 3 Units

  • Lux: Ability damage slightly raised.
  • Mordekaiser: Both regular and final ability damage reduced.
  • Sett: Health and ability damage reduced.

Tier 4 Units

  • Caitlyn: Maximum mana improved.
  • Karthus: Ability damage and ability power per cast enhanced.
  • Twisted Fate: Mana improvement.

Tier 5 Units

  • Jhin: Increased armor, magic resistance, and health.
  • Sona: Kinetic form healing and shield duration enhanced.

tft set 3 5 battle 1


Augment Changes in Patch 14.3

Twin Nightmare

  • Health: Reduced to 300 from 350.
  • Attack Speed: Lowered to 30% from 35%.

Twin Nightmare II

  • Health: Adjusted to 450 from 500.
  • Attack Speed: Reduced to 45% from 50%.

Gear Shift

  • Gold: Increased to 3 from 2 per upgrade.

Balanced Budget

  • New Addition: Balanced Budget+ introduced for phase 4-2, granting 9 gold per round.
  • Phase 4-2 Availability: Original Balanced Budget no longer appears in this phase.

Point-Blank and No Remorse

  • Bomb Damage: Increased to 100% from 85% of AD.

Infinite Hordes

  • Health Reduction: Adjusted to 15% from 20%.


  • Extra Hearts: Increased to 25% from 20%.

Starter Pack

  • Gold Grant: Now provides 4 gold.

Item Changes in Patch 14.3

Craftable Items

  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Projectile damage increased.
  • Statikk Shiv: Magic damage enhanced.

Artifact Items

  • Aurumante Staff: Base ability power increased.
  • Fiery Death’s Grasp: Ability power increased.

Radiant Items

  • Runaan’s Tempest: Projectile damage enhanced.
  • Statikk’s Favor: Damage increased.

TFT SET1024 Social PatchNotes14p3 1920x1080 v001 Hi5

Soloists Adjustments in Patch 14.3

Vi, Kayle, Zed, Sona

  • Various changes in health, damage, and attack speed.

Adjustments in Set 3.5


  • War Machine: Damage or healing for 8 pieces increased.
  • Cybernetic: Health and attack damage enhanced.
  • Dark Star: DA/PH for 8 pieces adjusted.
  • Sorcerer: Ability power increased.


  • Leona, Poppy, Lucian, Xin Zhao, Ashe, Darius, Ezreal, Yi, Jinx: Various adjustments in health, mana, shield, damage, and attack speed.

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Bug Fixes in Patch 14.3

Several bug fixes, including Akali soloist shop issue, Lucian’s ability adjustments, Reforger and Pandora’s Items issues, and more.

Remember, all these changes refer to gameplay. For all the cosmetic updates in Teamfight Tactics, as always, we invite you to check out all the details on the official page.