TFT Patch 14.10: Top 5 Best Comps in Set 11 to Win All Your Matches

TFT Patch 14.10: Top 5 Best Comps in Set 11 to Win All Your Matches

21. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 11 has arrived, bringing a host of new synergies, champions, and classes. To help you climb the ranks in competitive play, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best compositions in Patch 14.10. These strategies will give you a head start in mastering the new meta.

1. Summoners with Morgana + Lillia

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Morgana and Lillia are standout champions in Patch 14.10. This composition focuses on equipping these champions and placing them in the backline to maximize their effectiveness. This strategy is quite greedy due to the number of synergies involved, but it pays off with powerful results.

Key Points:

  • Prioritize Morgana and Lillia in your lineup.
  • Position them in the backline for optimal performance.
  • Focus on creating a robust synergy around these champions.

2. Ashe Carry with Guardians

Ashe carry Guardianes 1795030489 1229131 1024x487

Ashe has emerged as one of the best 4-cost units following recent changes. This composition is straightforward to play, utilizing 4 Snipers and 4 Guardians (like Nautilus, Illaoi, and Amumu) to form a strong front line. The key to success is stacking AD items on Ashe to maximize her damage output.

Key Points:

  • Build a lineup with 4 Snipers and 4 Guardians.
  • Equip Ashe with AD items for maximum damage.
  • Maintain a solid front line to protect your carries.

3. Alune Carry with Umbral

Alune carry Umbral 1795030491 1229171 1024x486


Despite Yone’s recent nerfs, Alune remains a formidable force when paired with 6 Umbral and Sylas as the front line. Aim for a 3-star Alune by level 7, then progress to levels 8-9 based on your economy and board stability.

Key Points:

  • Utilize 6 Umbral synergy with Alune as the main carry.
  • Focus on reaching 3-star Alune by level 7.
  • Adjust your strategy based on your gold and board strength.

4. Yone and Alune Carries with Umbral

Yone Alune carrys Umbral 1791430864 1225796 1024x479

Yone at 3 stars continues to be one of the best melee/assassin units in the game. Combined with buffs to Alune and the Umbral synergy, this composition stands out in the current meta. Slow roll at level 7 to secure both Yone and Alune at 3 stars for a powerful board.

Key Points:

  • Slow roll at level 7 for Yone and Alune.
  • Leverage the Umbral synergy for added power.
  • Focus on achieving 3-star status for your main carries.

5. Syndra Carry with Fated and Arcanists

Syndra carry Fated Arcanistas 1791430863 1225776 1024x529

Syndra has received buffs making her the top Arcanist and one of the best 4-cost mages. Aim to reach levels 7/8 quickly, transitioning between Arcanists, and upgrade Syndra to at least 2 stars. Utilize a mix of Fated units and Arcanists along with 4 Dryads to form a strong composition.

Key Points:

  • Prioritize reaching levels 7/8 quickly.
  • Focus on upgrading Syndra to at least 2 stars.
  • Utilize a mix of Fated units and Arcanists with 4 Dryads.

Final Toughts

Mastering these top 5 compositions in TFT Set 11 Patch 14.10 will give you a significant advantage in your games. Each composition has its unique strengths and requires specific strategies to execute effectively. By focusing on these strategies and adapting to the evolving meta, you can climb the ranks and dominate your opponents.

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