TFT Patch 14.1: Top Compositions for Dominance

TFT Patch 14.1: Top Compositions for Dominance

14. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the dynamic realm of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Patch 14.1 brings fresh synergies and champion adjustments, reshaping strategies for TFT enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the top compositions emerging in this patch, offering you the edge needed to claim victory.

Pentakill Powerhouse: Viego’s Dominance

Viego: The Core of Your Strategy Viego shines as the main artist in this composition, offering a double Pentakill synergy. His ability to disrupt enemy backlines is unparalleled.

Akali and Karthus: The Supportive Powerhouses Akali, equipped with a crucial Pentakill Emblem, serves as your secondary carry. Karthus, handling AP damage, complements this setup, targeting enemy carries effectively.

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Riven’s Rise to Power

The Three-Star Wonder Riven, when achieved at three stars and set as the main artist, becomes a formidable force. This composition might struggle early on but excels in mid to late game with Riven and Yone at their peak.

8 Bit’s Pivotal Role With the power of 8 Bit fully charged, this setup becomes unstoppable, leading to a formidable mid and late-game presence.

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Disco Dominance: Twisted Fate and Allies

Twisted Fate: The Carry Conductor In this Disco-centric composition, Twisted Fate takes the lead as both the carry and main artist. His placement and ability usage are critical for success.

Blitzcrank and Illaoi: The Tank Specialists Blitzcrank excels in tanking, while Illaoi becomes a significant addition at level 9, enhancing the team’s resilience and combat capability.

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Mastering the Best Compositions

These three compositions in Patch 14.1 of TFT offer diverse and powerful approaches to climbing the ranks. Each strategy requires understanding the nuances of champion roles and item synergies.

Whether it’s the disruptive force of Viego in Pentakill, Riven’s late-game power spike, or the balanced might of the Disco team, mastering these compositions can lead to consistent top finishes in your TFT matches.