TFT Patch 13.23 Analysis: Unveiling Set 10 and Its Transformative Changes

TFT Patch 13.23 Analysis: Unveiling Set 10 and Its Transformative Changes

21. November 2023 by Never

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) embarks on a new chapter with patch 13.23, introducing Set 10, “Runic Remix,” and ending the era of midsets. This shift signifies TFT’s transition to a new update cycle, bringing fresh dynamics every four months.

Set 10: Runic Remix Highlights

Set 10 revives the “Chosen” mechanic, now termed “Soloists,” offering enhanced power and class/trait boosts. This set promises an enriching experience with its blend of new champions, synergies, and aesthetics.

Major System and Mechanic Changes:

  • Soloists: Purchasable with 2 stars, enhancing specific traits and offering unique bonuses.
  • Portals: Vote for one of three portals at the game’s start to alter the rules.

Ranked Play Adjustments:

  • Easier to Reach Platinum: Lower ranks will see a streamlined progression.
  • New Emerald Tier: Introducing a new ranking level.
  • Adjustments to Inactivity Penalties: Extended grace period and reduced LP loss.
  • Starting Ranks and Placement Matches: Players start between Iron II and Bronze IV, with the first five matches not impacting LP loss.
  • Hyper Roll Reset: Reset to 500 points.

Class and Synergy Additions:

  • K/DA: Featuring champions like Lillia, Evelynn, Seraphine, and more, enhancing attack and ability power.
  • HEARTSTEEL: Champions like K’Sante and Aphelios gain bonuses from fan support and combat outcomes.
  • Pentakill: Members like Olaf and Mordekaiser increase damage output and damage reduction, scaling with kills.
  • True Damage: Champions like Kennen and Yasuo deal additional true damage, boosted by equipped items.
  • Country: Champions like Tahm Kench and Katarina summon the Dreadsteed, gaining abilities with attribute levels.
  • Emo, Punk, Disco, Jazz, 8 bits, Hyperpop, Superfán: New classes and synergies offering various unique bonuses.

Notable Champion Additions:

  • Sona/Crearritmos: Offers three modes catering to different team needs.
  • Illaoi/ILLBEATS: Revives and heals tentacles, providing significant AoE damage.
  • Jhin/Maestro: Places rifles on the bench, enhancing mana gain and damage output.
Item Overhauls and Adjustments:
  • Main Items: Changes to items like Thornmail, Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, and more, adjusting stats and effects.
  • Artifacts: Additions and tweaks to artifacts like Fiery Death’s Grasp and Diamond Hands.
  • Radiant Items: Adjustments to Radiant items like Rabadon’s Deathcrown and Rapid Firecannon.


TFT Patch 13.23: A New Era with Soloists and Expanded Gameplay Mechanics

Patch 13.23 redefines the TFT landscape with its comprehensive overhauls. Players can look forward to a rich and varied gameplay experience, influenced by the newly introduced Soloist mechanic and the diverse range of classes, synergies, and items.