TFT Meta Report: Dominating the Game in Patch 14.1

TFT Meta Report: Dominating the Game in Patch 14.1

19. January 2024 by Never

Patch 14.1 in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) marks a significant shift in the game’s dynamics. The previous Patch 13.24’s longevity over the holiday season set the stage for this transformative update. The latest changes have introduced fresh compositions, champions, and augments, reshaping the metagame. 

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Patch 14.1: Key Highlights

Best Augment: Twin Terror

Twin Terror, comprising two tiers, Twin Terror 1 and 2, is the leading augment in Patch 14.1. It’s pivotal in enabling the dominant Twin Terror composition, which leverages duplicated champions for enhanced health, attack speed, and critical chance. Players receive a two-star version of any champion they upgrade to three stars, facilitating the constant presence of two copies on the board.

Champion Spotlight: Twitch

In an unprecedented move, Twitch has risen to the S-Tier rank, reserved for champions with an average placement of 4.20 or better. With an extraordinary average placement of 3.99 in Diamond+ lobbies, Twitch has become the core AD carry in the Twin Terror composition. Recommended items for Twitch include Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer, and Red Buff.


Player on the Rise: Wasianiverson

Wasianiverson, now the Rank 1 player in North America for Patch 14.1, showcases a remarkable average placement of 2.89 and a rapid LP gain, surpassing 1800 in less than 50 games. Wasianiverson’s versatility is evident in their ability to win with diverse compositions, confirming their mastery and adaptability in TFT.

Understanding the Latest Shifts in Teamfight Tactics

Understanding the dynamics of Patch 14.1 in TFT is crucial for staying competitive. The prominence of Twin Terror as an augment and Twitch as a champion highlights the importance of strategic adaptability. Keeping abreast of the latest trends and top players, as facilitated by, can provide invaluable insights for aspiring TFT champions.