TFT Basic Guide: How to Level Up Quickly

TFT Basic Guide: How to Level Up Quickly

31. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Welcome to this week’s TFT Tip Tuesday! Today, we delve into the art of leveling, an essential skill whether you’re playing reroll or standard compositions in Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

Understanding the Right Time to Level Up

Confused about when to level up (F key) versus when to reroll (D key)? This guide outlines standard leveling intervals to help you strategize better, depending on your composition.

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Standard Leveling Intervals

  • Level 4
    • Before 2-3: If strong, push to win streak.
    • 2-3: Naturally, without spending gold.
  • Level 5
    • 2-5: Stay level 4 if aiming for a lose streak.
  • Level 6
    • 3-1: To contest or preserve a win streak, or if financially viable.
    • 3-2: Perfect interval.
  • Level 7
    • 3-5: Ideal if win streaking, wealthy, or keeping pace with the lobby. Aim for at least 30g if not win streaking.
    • 4-1: Strengthen your board before transitioning at 4-2.
  • Level 8
    • 4-2: Ideal for replacing headliners.
    • 4-5: Another perfect interval, less desirable due to headliner replacement.
  • Level 9
    • 5-2/5-5: Perfect intervals based on your economy.
    • 6-2: Perfect interval.

1-Cost Reroll Composition Leveling

  • Avoid leveling or rerolling until you hit your three-star 1-cost carry.
  • Level 4: Natural progression, roll for your carry at 3-1 with 8/10 XP.
  • Level 5: Roll above 50 gold until you find your carry, then push levels.

Example Compositions in Patch 14.2

  • Annie, Jinx, Olaf, Yasuo rerolls.

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2-Cost Reroll Composition Leveling

  • Lose streak early for economy and item priority.
  • Level 4/5: Level naturally by 3-1.
  • Level 6: Roll above 50 gold for your 2-cost carry.

Example Compositions in Patch 14.2

  • Kai’sa, Katarina, Kayle, Seraphine rerolls.

3-Cost Reroll Composition Leveling

  • Similar to 2-cost reroll strategy.
  • Level 4/5: Natural progression.
  • Level 6: Don’t roll for units yet.
  • Level 7: Roll for your 3-cost carry/carries/tanks after 3-5 or 4-1.

Example Compositions in Patch 14.2

  • Lulu, Riven, Samira/Vex, Yone rerolls.

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Mastering Leveling Intervals in Teamfight Tactics

Keep these intervals in mind to optimize your gameplay in TFT. Whether you’re playing a reroll or a standard composition, understanding when to level can significantly impact your success. Good luck with your climbing journey in TFT!