TFT Las Vegas: The Historic World Championship Unveiled

TFT Las Vegas: The Historic World Championship Unveiled

5. December 2023 by Never

Experience the Thrill of TFT’s Global LAN Tournament in Las Vegas

From December 8th to 10th, the MGM Grand will transform into the heart of the largest LAN World Tournament for TeamFight Tactics. Witness 512 competitors vying for glory in the TFT Las Vegas Open. The quest for the championship title, $100,000, an exclusive emote, and a special trophy belt promises to be an exhilarating experience you won’t want to miss.

Tournament Format

The event will feature an open-bracket format over three days of intense competition. Competitors will be divided into rooms of 8 for multiple round face-offs. Players will be ranked based on their performances in previous sets, and points will be awarded based on each match’s outcomes. Dive into the details of the format by visiting TFT Vegas Open Format.

Event Schedule

Day 1 (December 8th): 512 players will compete in the first and second rounds, battling in rooms of 8 to advance.

Day 2 (December 9th): The third and fourth rounds will see 128 players, then 32, fighting for a spot in the finals.

Day 3 (December 10th): The top 8 will compete in a special final format until one player reaches 20 points and wins a match, securing the title.

For detailed information on competitors and results, visit TFT Vegas Open Official Site.

How to Watch

The event will feature a main broadcast and multiple simultaneous streams by content creators. Opportunities to watch specific matches through alternative rooms will also be available. Plus, viewers tuning in on Twitch and YouTube can earn an exclusive in-game emote.

Main Commentators

Azael, Casanova, Gangly, Meeix, Mortdog, Nekkra, and ImpetuousPanda will lead the main broadcasts, while content creators like K3soju and DisguisedToast will present simultaneous streams.

Streaming Options

Beyond the main broadcasts, there will be up to 9 alternative rooms to watch other matches not covered in the main or simultaneous streams.

Finally, viewers can earn an exclusive in-game emote by watching the matches on Twitch and YouTube during each day of the competition.

Experience the Ultimate Showdown: The TFT Las Vegas World Championship

Don’t miss out on this historic TFT event in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual viewer, the excitement, strategy, and competitive spirit of TFT are sure to captivate you. Tune in to witness history in the making and be a part of the ultimate TFT showdown!