TFT Guide: Playing Bully – Trickshot Composition

TFT Guide: Playing Bully – Trickshot Composition

23. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Are you tired of having your TFT composition contested? Look no further! Here’s a guide to help you master the Bully – Trickshot composition in Teamfight Tactics.

Composition Type

The BullyTrickshot composition requires you to reach level 8 quickly, so you’ll aim to lose streak to preserve as much gold as possible while gradually leveling up. Once you hit level 8, prioritize acquiring your core units, namely Galio and Sylas for the frontline and Kai’Sa for the backline.

Aim to upgrade at least two of them (preferably Kai’Sa) to two-star level before pushing to level 9. At level 9, strengthen your team with 5-cost units like Udyr and Xayah.

image 91

Augments and Carousel

Choose from the best Augments available, including Lucky Rebound (bonus to Trickshot units), Fresh Recruit (to save gold by not leveling to 9 and rolling at 8), and Bully Emblem or Heart, allowing more flexibility in your composition. Opt for components like Sword, Cloak, Gloves, and Armor during the carousel.

Kaisa 14


Equip Kai’Sa with Infinity Edge (Sword + Cloak), Shojin (Sword + Tear), and Last Whisper (Gloves + Cloak). For Galio, focus on tank items like Dragon’s Claw (double Magic Resistance), Sunfire Cape (Health + Armor), and Redemption (Health + Tear).

Sylas should have an off-tank build with Bloodthirster (Sword + Magic Resistance), Ionic Spark (AP + Magic Resistance), and Titan’s Resolve (Armor + Attack Speed).

Patch 14.8B of TFT: Emergency Nerfs to Kai’Sa and Gnar



By following these tips, you can effectively play the Trickshot composition in TFT and secure top placements in your games. Remember to adapt your strategy based on each match’s needs and always be mindful of your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy the game and dominate the competition!