Tekken World Tour Master Event Korea: Results and Esports World Cup Qualifiers

Tekken World Tour Master Event Korea: Results and Esports World Cup Qualifiers

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Super Tournament 2024 in South Korea, a high-stakes Tekken World Tour Master event, showcased top-tier competition and resulted in key players qualifying for the upcoming Esports World Cup. Known for producing legendary Tekken players, South Korea once again hosted a thrilling event that did not disappoint.

TEKKEN 8 Results

The tournament saw a diverse array of characters in the top 8 brackets, highlighting the game’s depth and variety. Notable performances included JeonDDing with Eddy Gordo and Rangchu with Kuma, adding unique flair to the competition.

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Key Matches and Highlights

  • Winners Semifinal: JeonDDing eliminated Chanel but was later defeated by Rangchu.
  • Main Fight: ULSAN faced Mulgold, with Mulgold ultimately securing a 3-0 victory despite ULSAN’s strong start.
  • Grand Final: ULSAN, after defeating Rangchu, faced Mulgold again. ULSAN’s switch to Dragunov and then back to Reina resulted in a closely contested match, but Mulgold emerged victorious, winning 3-2 and preventing a bracket reset.

Grand Final Outcome

  • Champion: Mulgold (TEKKEN 8)
  • Final Match Score: Mulgold defeated ULSAN 3-2.


Esports World Cup Qualifiers

  • Qualified Players: JeonDDing and THE JON secured their spots in the Esports World Cup 2024 as higher-placing players were already qualified through other tournaments.

Guilty Gear -Strive- Results

The GGST tournament featured the rare character A.B.A., played by GOBOU, who switched to Asuka after an initial loss. GOBOU demonstrated exceptional skill, overcoming NAGE and ultimately winning the grand final against Jiro.

Grand Final Outcome

  • Champion: GOBOU (Guilty Gear -Strive-)
  • Final Match Score: GOBOU defeated Jiro 3-1.



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Results

Despite Beatrix being ineligible, Tororo dominated the tournament with impressive performances using Percival and Siegfried.

Grand Final Outcome

  • Champion: Tororo (Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising)
  • Final Match Score: Tororo achieved victory with only one game loss throughout the top 8.


TEKKEN World Tour 2024 Standings

The competition intensified as players vied for standing points to qualify for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. The current top 20 include notable players such as Chikurin, AK, LowHigh, and Chanel. Seven of these top 20 players are from South Korea, underscoring the country’s dominance in the Tekken scene.

Top 20 Players (as of current standings)

  1. Chikurin (Japan) – 1135 points
  2. AK (Philippines) – 980 points
  3. LowHigh (South Korea) – 965 points
  4. Chanel (South Korea) – 960 points
  5. Shadow 20z (USA) – 895 points
  6. Jodd (France) – 875 points
  7. JoKa (UK) – 865 points
  8. Rangchu (South Korea) – 761 points
  9. Nobi (Japan) – 720 points
  10. Arslan Ash (Pakistan) – 695 points



Players to Watch

  • Knee: A legendary player aiming to re-enter the top 20 standings.
  • JDCR: Seeking redemption after a controversial loss at Combo Breaker 2024.
  • Mangja: Recently signed with Fnatic, motivated to perform well.
  • Chikurin: Looking to add more points after his Evo Japan victory.
  • Shadow 20z: Aiming to secure his position in the global standings.

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The Super Tournament 2024 in South Korea not only highlighted the country’s rich Tekken heritage but also set the stage for an exciting Esports World Cup.

With intense matches, surprising upsets, and outstanding individual performances, this event has further solidified the global Tekken community’s anticipation for upcoming tournaments.