Tekken World Tour 2024: Key Dates, Dojos, and Essential Information

Tekken World Tour 2024: Key Dates, Dojos, and Essential Information

20. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The announcement of the Tekken World Tour 2024 during the Tekken World Tour Finals has stirred excitement within the fighting game community. The unveiling brought forth a trailer showcasing top players and significant changes to the tournament’s structure.

New Structure and Qualification System

Dual Leaderboard System

The Tekken World Tour 2024 introduces a dual leaderboard system:

  • Global Leaderboard: Based on overall performance.
  • Regional Leaderboard: Points are earned at local Dojo Events within a player’s designated region.

Tekken World Tour 2024 01

Local Dojos: A Path to the Finals

Players can now qualify for the Tekken World Final 2024 by topping their regional leaderboards, emphasizing the importance of local Dojo events.

Michael Murray emphasized, “Not everyone is a sponsored player…Now you have a chance if you compete at local Dojos.”

Exclusive Offline Events

In a significant shift, the 2024 circuit will consist solely of offline events, eliminating online tournaments from the official circuit.

Key Dates and Events: Season Kick-Off and Dojo Submissions

  • Season Start: April 13, 2024
  • Dojo Submissions Open: End of March 2024
  • World Tour Finals: Date and location to be announced

Highlight Event: Evo Japan 2024

  • Date: April 27 – 29, 2024
  • Location: Ariake Gym-EX
  • Classified as a Master+ event, Evo Japan 2024’s announcement was a major highlight.

Katsuhiro Harada humorously encouraged participation: “We want more numbers than other certain fighting games, so please register.”

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New Partnership: Chipotle Joins the Fray

Chipotle, a longtime supporter of fighting games, steps in as a partner for the Tekken World Tour 2024. Coinciding with the release of Tekken 8, this partnership promises a unique culinary twist.

Interactive Fan Experience

Developers revealed plans for regional menus on Chipotle’s mobile app, with fan participation in creating and voting on special menu items.

Excitement Builds for Tekken World Tour 2024

The Tekken World Tour 2024 promises a thrilling season with its revamped format, emphasizing local competitions and offline events. The addition of Chipotle as a partner adds an exciting flavor to the mix, ensuring that the Tekken World Tour continues to evolve and engage its community in new ways.