Tekken 8 Unveils Four Exciting New Characters, Featuring Devil Jin

Tekken 8 Unveils Four Exciting New Characters, Featuring Devil Jin

1. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Bandai Namco has always managed to keep the Tekken series fresh and engaging for its fans. With the anticipation building up for the upcoming release of Tekken 8, the game developers have recently dropped a new trailer, introducing four new characters to the Tekken universe. While long-time fans will undoubtedly recognize a familiar face, the other newcomers are set to shake up the battleground.

A Glimpse into the New Faces of Tekken 8

The freshly released trailer, which was showcased on IGN, offers fans a sneak peek at what’s in store in Tekken 8. Here are the revealed characters:


tekken 8 zafina

A mysterious character whose origins remain unknown, Zafina joins the fight bringing with her a unique fighting style that combines agility and mysticism.

Lee Chaolan:

Tekken8 LeeChaolan

Returning to the arena, Lee Chaolan’s sharp suits and acrobatic fighting moves are bound to leave an impression. His long history with the Mishima clan adds depth to the story mode.

Alisa Bosconovitch:

Alisa Tekken 8

With robotic features and deadly chainsaws, Alisa is no ordinary fighter. Her history with the series and her combat capabilities make her a favorite among many.

Devil Jin:


The dark and powerful alter-ego of Jin Kazama, Devil Jin’s return promises high-intensity battles and a deeper dive into the Kazama family’s cursed lineage.

Panda, previously showcased in September, also makes an appearance, solidifying the diverse roster that Tekken 8 aims to deliver.

More Fighters to Join the Fray Soon

It doesn’t stop there. Bandai Namco has teased fans with the promise of more characters being unveiled soon. Mark your calendars for the 2nd and 12th of November, as Bandai Namco plans to release videos introducing these new fighters. This suggests a rich and varied character lineup, ensuring that the game remains fresh and provides players with numerous combat strategies to master.

Stau Updated With Us!

The world of Tekken 8 is expanding, and with these new character additions, it’s evident that Bandai Namco is committed to providing an enriched gaming experience. For those eager to delve into the game, the wait isn’t long. With the game set to launch on 26th January, fans should gear up for an action-packed journey. In the meantime, staying updated with the official announcements will only add to the excitement.