Teams with excellent performance at the BLAST Paris CS:GO, Major

Teams with excellent performance at the BLAST Paris CS:GO, Major

23. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Undoubtedly, the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major was a special moment for professional players and game lovers. Remember that this Major was the farewell of CS:GO, full of surprises.

As it was a farewell to CS:GO, mentioning those teams that performed well during the last Major is important. In Paris, we could see how some teams arrived as the favorites and were out of the championship quickly, while others were overrated and stood out in the Paris Major.

Today we will discuss some of the most outstanding teams at the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major.

Featured teams at the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major

Team Vitality, winner of the last CS:GO Major

Undoubtedly, the reigning CS:GO champions must lead the list of outstanding teams. Team Vitality had never managed to win a Major in their career; in fact, they never came close to winning it.

However, this Major Team Vitality fought to get that precious champion title and achieved it. ZywOo and his team apparently relied on their home crowd to perform excellently and take first place.

On the other hand, it is also important to mention that the team had luck since great rivals were eliminated early from the competition, and Team Vitality did not have to face them.

This team managed to get the title they wanted so much and could not have been better; they were crowned as the best in the world by their local public and in the last Major. Undoubtedly this tournament will be in the memory of Team Vitality fans for a long time.

GamerLegion is the second-best team of the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major

In major finals, not all players will end up happy one team is the one that takes the win. However, GamerLegion, despite taking second place, had a dazzling performance.

This team beat all odds against them, as no one was betting that GamerLegion would make it to the finals. However, this team arrived in Paris to lead the tournament’s surprises.

GamerLegion, after beating Heroic in the finals, became the most incredible finalist team. Remember that Heroic was one of the strongest teams in the last CS:GO, Major.

The CadiaN-led team leveraged that important achievement to become a contender to win one of the most important top-tier titles in CS:GO esports.

GamerLegion, despite coming very close to being crowned champions, no one can dispute the excellent work of each of the team members.


Apeks is another team that could not be missing from the outstanding team’s list. However, this team was made up of players no one believed in, so no one expected this lineup to make it to the semifinals of the Paris Major.

Apeks players have been underrated throughout their careers; however, the team came to Paris to show their tenacity and skills. From the start, the team was taking down great teams, so the players once again caught the attention of CS:GO fans.

Apeks despite being eliminated in the semifinals by the Major champions, each team member showed their full potential.