Team Vitality Returns to the Tekken 8 Scene with the Addition of South Korean Player Jeondding

Team Vitality Returns to the Tekken 8 Scene with the Addition of South Korean Player Jeondding

24. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Vitality continues its international expansion strategy with the addition of an eighth title, solidifying its presence in major international competitions.

Team Vitality, the leading esports organization in Europe, re-enters the fighting game scene with the latest installment of the renowned TEKKEN franchise. Following the release of the eighth edition of the celebrated game earlier this year, the French club welcomes TEKKEN 8 player “Jeondding” to the hive.

This expansion strengthens the organization’s presence in South Korea, reaching a new milestone in its mission to dominate the international scene.

Jeondding to Debut with the Team at EVO Japan 2024

Jeon “Jeondding” Sanghyeon is a formidable player in the competitive TEKKEN 8 scene, boasting numerous successes and titles under his belt.

Recently, Jeondding secured top-two finishes at the Tekken 7 World Tour 2022 Finals and topeight placements in 2023. His dominance extends beyond the global stage, as he clinched victories at the VSFighting XI 2023 and CEO 2023 tournaments.

Jeondding TWT Finals 2018

Renowned for his distinctive playstyle, Jeondding has garnered acclaim for his mastery of characters often overlooked in competitive play, such as “Fat Eddy.” His ability to excel with these characters has earned him recognition within the community.

Jeondding will continue to showcase his skills with “Fat Eddy,” representing Team Vitality at EVO Japan, marking his international debut with the team from April 27th to 29th.

A Balancing Act of Performance and Entertainment

Beyond his skill, Jeondding’s charisma shines at LAN events. His captivating presence strikes a perfect balance between competitive performance and entertainment, captivating fans worldwide. As a sports enthusiast, Jeondding recognizes the power of fans and electrifies the atmosphere wherever he competes.


“When Team Vitality first reached out to me, I couldn’t believe it! I wondered if I could join such a great team, and now that dream has come true. As I interacted with the organization, I began to learn more about the club’s identity, watching their videos on their YouTube channel, their trophies… and I got goosebumps.”

“I want to grow with this club, continue being a great player, and bring new titles in Tekken 8 for Team Vitality.” – Jeon “Jeondding” Sanghyeon

Achieving a New Milestone on the International Stage

With the latest addition of Tekken 8, Team Vitality expands its competitive titles to eight, alongside ten player rosters in both male and female esports circuits under its banner. This addition not only solidifies the French club’s presence in South Korea but also marks the organization’s return to the fighting game community.

Jeondding’s participation in key international events further reinforces Team Vitality’s commitment to addressing the global esports scene, with scheduled appearances at TEKKEN 8 tournaments in EVO Japan, Evo, and CEO.

“I am thrilled to announce our return to the fighting game scene with TEKKEN 8. We are especially excited to debut alongside the respected and renowned player Jeondding. With this title, we hope to expand Team Vitality’s fan base and embrace the passionate community.”

“This new game also strengthens our presence abroad, adding tremendous value to Team Vitality’s journey towards international dominance.” – Fabien “Neo” Devide, Cofounder, and President of Team Vitality


Team Vitality’s international expansion is accelerated by the proliferation of top-tier international competitions, including the highly anticipated Esports World Cup in the summer of 2024.

Tekken’s welcome to Team Vitality marks the first part of announcements linked to this competition. With its performance-based DNA, Team Vitality adds another string to its bow to claim new titles on the international stage.

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