Team Vitality Joins Honor of Kings: A New Era in Esports

Team Vitality Joins Honor of Kings: A New Era in Esports

13. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Vitality, the renowned French esports organization, has officially entered the competitive scene of Honor of Kings, a popular mobile MOBA game developed by TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent, and published by Level Infinite.

This marks a significant expansion of Team Vitality’s esports operations into the rapidly growing mobile gaming sector.

Direct Invitation to Major Tournaments and Support from Developers

As part of their new partnership, Team Vitality will receive a direct invitation to major Honor of Kings tournaments. The organization will also benefit from support and promotion from the game’s developers, ensuring a strong presence in the competitive landscape.

This collaboration is designed to maximize the growth of both Team Vitality and the Honor of Kings ecosystem.

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Team Vitality: The Only Western Team in the Program

Interestingly, Team Vitality is the only Western team included in this collaboration program. They join other prominent teams from various regions, such as:

  • REX REGUM QEON from Southeast Asia
  • ISURUS from South America
  • FUT Esports from Turkey
  • R8 Esports from Saudi Arabia

This diverse lineup underscores the global reach and appeal of Honor of Kings.

The Strategic Importance of This Partnership

This partnership is not just about participating in a new game; it’s part of a larger strategy to accumulate points in the Esports World Cup’s “Club Championship”. By entering more competitions and increasing their visibility, Team Vitality enhances their chances of winning the Championship, which boasts a $20 million prize pool.

honor of kings partnership program

Expanding Honor of Kings Globally

Tencent and Level Infinite have committed a $15 million budget to expand Honor of Kings worldwide. This includes launching the game in more regions on June 20, further increasing its player base and competitive scene.

The Westernized Version: Arena of Valor

Honor of Kings has a Western counterpart known as Arena of Valor. While both games share the same mechanics, they differ in visual presentation and regional focus. Despite these differences, both games host high-level esports tournaments, contributing to the global MOBA community.


Statements from Team Vitality Leadership

Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and president of Team Vitality, expressed his excitement about this new venture:

“We thank Tencent for their confidence in Team Vitality. We have a unique opportunity to occupy a special place in one of their flagship games, the most played and watched mobile MOBA in the world. We are eager to demonstrate our ambition and participate in the spectacle.”

Benefits of Team Vitality’s Entry into Honor of Kings:

  1. Direct Invitations to Major Tournaments: Ensures participation in high-profile events.
  2. Developer Support and Promotion: Enhances visibility and growth.
  3. Unique Position as the Only Western Team: Expands Team Vitality’s global footprint.
  4. Strategic Point Accumulation for Esports World Cup: Increases chances of winning the substantial prize pool.

Honor of Kings: Level Infinite Launches $15 Million Partnership Program to Boost Esports

Final Toughts

Team Vitality’s entry into Honor of Kings represents a strategic move to expand its presence in the mobile esports arena. This partnership not only benefits Team Vitality with direct tournament invitations and developer support but also positions them uniquely as the sole Western team in a global program.

As Honor of Kings continues to grow, both in terms of player base and competitive opportunities, Team Vitality is set to play a significant role in its international success.