Team Vitality Expands Its Esports Dominance with StarCraft II Collaboration with ONSYDE

Team Vitality Expands Its Esports Dominance with StarCraft II Collaboration with ONSYDE

2. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Vitality, a prominent European esports organization, has made a bold move by expanding into the world of StarCraft II, strategically partnering with South Korean team ONSYDE. This collaboration is a clear indication of Team Vitality’s global growth and ambition.

A Strategic Synergy for Success

Team Vitality will not only lend its name to ONSYDE, now known as Team Vitality, but will also share its vast knowledge in:

  • Training
  • Strategy Development
  • Player Performance

A Star-Studded Roster

The team boasts talents like Kang โ€˜Solarโ€™ Min-soo and Cho โ€˜Maruโ€™ Seong-ju, under the guidance of coach Choi โ€˜CranKโ€™ Jae-won. The presence of these players and their coach is a testament to the quality and level of play that Team Vitality aspires to maintain.

ONSYDE: A Legacy in StarCraft II

Founded in 2022, ONSYDE has already made its mark by winning the World Team League. This achievement is no small feat, especially competing against giants like Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid.

More Than Just a Game: A Global Strategy

Team Vitality’s decision to venture into StarCraft II reflects its understanding of the esports market in South Korea and its desire to connect with a passionate audience globally. According to Nicolas Maurer, co-founder and CEO of Team Vitality:

“Last year was incredibly successful for us, and our goal is to maintain the momentum this year by focusing on top-tier games and seizing interesting opportunities. Our entry into the Asian market places us in the cradle of esports, offering new growth and visibility opportunities.”


The Fusion of Titans: Team Vitality and ONSYDE

Team Vitality’s expansion into StarCraft II and its collaboration with ONSYDE is a strategic and exciting move. It represents not just growth in the organization’s reach but also a commitment to excellence and development in the realm of esports.

With this expansion, Team Vitality not only firmly positions itself in the Asian market but also establishes a new era of opportunities and challenges in the international esports landscape.