Team Vitality and R8G Esports Join Forces to Compete in Rennsport

Team Vitality and R8G Esports Join Forces to Compete in Rennsport

13. May 2024 by Never

The French esports organizations Team Vitality and R8G Esports have announced their collaboration to form a team for the racing simulation game Rennsport. This partnership places Team Vitality among the 12 teams set to compete in the Spring 2024 season of ESL R1.

A Powerful Alliance in Sim Racing

As part of the agreement, the staff from R8G Esports, along with former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean, will support Team Vitality’s roster in preparation for upcoming events. This collaboration marks the exit of R8G Esports from the 12 invited teams to compete in the ESL R1, allowing Team Vitality to inherit one of the strongest line-ups in the competition.

Expanding Horizons in Esports

With this venture into simulation racing, Team Vitality expands its competitive reach. The organization, already known for its participation in titles such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, StarCraft II, and EA Sports FC, now adds Rennsport to its repertoire.

The Significance of the Collaboration

According to Fabien Devide, President of Team Vitality, joining forces with a team as skilled as R8G Esports is a strategic move. This collaboration is seen as a significant step in Team Vitality’s international development and aims to enhance their competitive edge in the esports arena.

It’s an honor to join the simulation racing circuit with a team as promising as R8G Esports. Teaming up with another French organization as part of our international expansion is a real coup. Together, we aim to amplify this performance dynamic and continue placing Team Vitality at the top of podiums. The ESL R1 will be an excellent start to the Esports World Cup this summer,” said Devide.

Team Vitality and R8G Esports Join Forces for a Thrilling Simulation Racing Debut

The collaboration between Team Vitality and R8G Esports signifies a robust entry into the world of simulation racing.

As they prepare for the Spring 2024 ESL R1 season and the upcoming Esports World Cup, this partnership promises to bring exciting developments to the competitive esports landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and watch as Team Vitality aims for the podium in their newest competitive venture.