Team SMG’s Unconventional Agent Selection Stuns Evil Geniuses: Match Summary

Team SMG’s Unconventional Agent Selection Stuns Evil Geniuses: Match Summary

29. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

VCT Game Changers Champions witnessed an innovative display from Team SMG, showcasing an unconventional selection of agents against Evil Geniuses. As the #1 seed from APAC, Team SMG’s creativity and strategic prowess were on full display.

Surprising With Style

First Map: Unique Strategy

  • Agent Composition: The team fielded four duelists and one sentinel, with a surprising twist of Enerii, known as the best Raze player, choosing Cypher.
  • Tactical Execution: Enerii’s precise gameplay using Cypher’s utilities significantly impacted the match, leading to several successful engagements against their opponents.

Lotus Map: Aggressive Play

  • Agent Lineup: Phoenix, Neon, Reyna, and Raze were chosen, marking an aggressive approach, especially during the defensive half.
  • First Half Dominance: Team SMG secured a 9-3 lead, leveraging their agents’ entry potential.
  • Second Half: The pace intensified, with SMG maintaining momentum to close the match at 13-3.

Valorant’s Unpredictable Nature

Team SMG’s strategy in the Lotus map highlighted their preference for diverse agent selections, making history with the first four-duelist composition in Game Changers’ competitive scene. Their flexibility and mastery of various maps have been consistently proven in past competitions and shone through at the world championship.

VCT its On Fire!

Team SMG’s innovative approach in VCT Game Changers Champions exemplifies the evolving strategies in Valorant esports. Their unconventional agent picks and robust gameplay make them a formidable team, signaling a shift in the competitive meta.