Team Liquid wins the 2023 VCT EMEA championship title

Team Liquid wins the 2023 VCT EMEA championship title

29. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Team Liquid, one of the strongest teams in the European VALORANT league, wins the title of VCT EMEA champions after defeating FNATIC.

After a close and exciting BO5, Team Liquid defeats FNATIC to win the first VCT EMEA League championship.

Team Liquid takes the title of VCT EMEA champion in 2023

For many VALORANT fans, the league’s winners would be the FNATIC players. The team had been on a winning streak for more than seven months, both in the first phase of the league and in the postseason.

On the other hand, Team Liquid reached the grand final after losing two matches against the current LOCK//IN champions. This made it extremely difficult for Team Liquid to beat the tournament’s clear favorite, FNATIC.

However, Team Liquid showed their full potential and managed to overcome a tough opponent, and thanks to that, they won the title of VCT EMEA champions.

VCT EMEA Grand Final

For the grand final, the first map was chosen by FNATIC; the team decided to start with Lotus. As a result, FNATIC managed to get an 8-4 lead before the break. On the other hand, Team Liquid had a remarkable attacking half. However, their rival closed the map thanks to their great defense.

Team Liquid seemed to have taken the bull by the horns and had complete control for the second map. In this map, the team managed to win 12-5 against FNATIC. But it was not all rosy for Team Liquid, as their opponents managed to win seven rounds in a row. But once again, Team Liquid showed control over the map and won in the two decisive rounds in overtime.

Team Liquid wanted to dominate the series for the third map and gave their best to take the victory. The map was 13-6, where Team Liquid’s Soulcas put on a great show as a starter.

Now, in the fourth map, Fracture was played. Team Liquid has a winning percentage on this map of 80%, while FNATIC did not play this map during the whole season. So the series seemed to end on the fourth map with Team Liquid’s victory. However, things were not as easy as expected. FNATIC gave a strong performance, but it was not enough, so Team Liquid took the victory of this map and thus the victory of the grand final.

In this last map, one of the protagonists was the young player Jamppi, who saved Team Liquid and led it to victory by winning the three final rounds.

Team Liquid arrives in Japan as the leader of EMEA

With this important victory, Team Liquid arrives in Japan as the leader of Europe. Thanks to this excellent performance, the team is emerging as one of the favorites for the Tokyo Masters. Team Liquid beat FNATIC, one of the teams that seemed invincible.